New iPhone 7 Release Date Rumors: Leak Claims iPhone Headphone Jack Will Remain, Dual Sim Functionality, And Other New Features

Ahead of the release of a new iPhone from Apple, there’s a good deal of speculation around exactly what form the new phone will take, along with both what features Apple will add and remove. Undeniably, one of the most speculated changes to the new iPhone 7 is the Apple’s decision to remove the dedicated headphone jack.

However, according to the Irish Examiner, Apple appears to have done something of a U-turn when it comes to the new iPhone, with leaked photographs suggesting that the new device will have a dedicated audio jack after all. There’s been a good deal of outcry from iPhone users that they don’t want to see the dedicated audio jack replaced with an all-in-one port at the bottom of the device. With that in mind, if recent reports are to be believed, Apple has definitely listened to fans and adjusted its plans for the upcoming iPhone accordingly.

In terms of the release date of the new iPhone 7, it’s widely predicted that Apple is gearing up to release the new device later this year. Apple typically uses September to both announce and release their latest iPhone iteration. With that in mind, Apple has likely already commenced with production of the new model.

That release date supports recently released photographs that appear to show the iPhone 7 on the assembly line. The photographs apparently show a 4.7-inch model iPhone 7 in production. However, unlike earlier rumors suggested, the new iPhone model does, in fact, appear to have a dedicated headphone jack. It remains to be seen whether or not Apple changed its design plans for the upcoming iPhone according to demand from fans or if there wasn’t actually any intention from the California-based firm to ditch the traditional 3.5 mm audio jack just yet.


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According to CNET, the latest wave of iPhone 7 leaks didn’t just reveal Apple’s plans for the fate of the headphone jack, but also a range of other new features set to grace Apple’s latest handset. Of course, one of the most prominent of those rumored features is dual-sim functionality, something Apple has previously omitted from the iPhone.

It is becoming more and more common for phone manufacturers to include dual-sim functionality in their smartphones, as smartphones are increasingly designed with both business and leisure in mind. That said, Apple has been slow to adopt dual sim technology. However, those same aforementioned leaked photographs also show off space for two sim cards, suggesting Apple is finally planning to adopt the technology.

That said, manufacturers like Samsung that offer dual-sim functionality don’t do so in every region. It’s more common for European and Asian devices to include space for two sim cards, meaning that Apple could be planning to introduce the ability to use two sim cards exclusively in those regions.

Apple has quite predictably declined to comment on the various iPhone 7 leaks, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering how the company likes to play its cards close to its chest when it comes to upcoming releases. With that taken into consideration, it’s unlikely that we’ll have any firm details around the new iPhone before Apple officially unveils it in September of this year. However, for now, it looks like Apple is adapting its plans for the upcoming iPhone to suit exactly what users are looking for in the new device.

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]