Tom Cruise To Leave Scientology For Suri Cruise And New Lover?

Ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got a divorce, the actor has rarely been seen spending time with his daughter Suri Cruise. According to Page Six, the 10-year-old spent Father’s Day without her dad, but she managed to have fun on that day together with her mom and their friends at Serafina East Hampton.

“They were there with a woman and two other kids. Suri and her friends were playing, and running around the restaurant,” an eyewitness said. “It looked like they were playing tag … Running from table to table, but the customers didn’t mind. They were just laughing and happy running around the patio.”

The onlooker added that Tom’s little girl even made new friends with other kids sitting near their table. The adorable brunette and her celebrity mother were friendly and chatty during that day. They even said goodbye to the staff and other diners before they left the restaurant.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise [Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images]Cruise is reportedly filming The Mummy in Morocco, and that’s why he probably wasn’t able to spend Father’s Day with Suri. However, there were reports that the 53-year-old actor hasn’t seen his daughter for more than two and a half years. The Hollywood superstar even missed out on his little girl’s 10th birthday back in April.

“Tom’s had plenty of chances to see Suri in the past,” an insider told In Touch.

According to the magazine, the reason why the Mission Impossible star has been staying away from his own kid is because of Scientology. His ex-wife was labeled a Suppressive Person, and that’s why he isn’t allowed to get associated with her or their child.

“They used to Skype and text, but that trailed off drastically,” another source revealed. “He uses his film commitments as an excuse, but the truth is that doesn’t hold much weight with Suri anymore.”

The Church of Scientology has a disconnection policy, which discourages its members from associating with those who have left the church.

“Tom eats, breathes, and sleeps Scientology,” their source said. “He’s disconnected from Katie, and then de facto from Suri, because of her connection to Katie. He hasn’t seen her since she was seven.”

Tom Cruise's rumored lover Annabelle Wallis [Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]It seems that the organization has a huge influence on Cruise’s life, which affects his relationship with his daughter and even his reported new lover. In the new issue of OK!, it was claimed that the Golden Globe Award winner is ready to ditch Scientology for his co-star, Annabelle Wallis.

The screen heartthrob is allegedly in love with the 31-year-old English actress. However, she isn’t willing to make a commitment as long as he is still part of the group.

“Annabelle really likes Tom, and she can see herself falling for him big-time. But not while he’s a Scientologist. She has no interest in converting,” an insider revealed. “She’s inspired Tom to rethink his extreme religious beliefs, and now he’s considering leaving the church.”

Their source also claimed that Holmes’ ex-husband is starting to realize the negative effect of Scientology on his relationships. This time, the actor is said to be ready to ditch the organization for love. However, Gossip Cop debunked the story on Tom, Annabelle, and the religious group because of inaccuracy.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise [Photo by Elsa/Getty Images]The Top Gun star has remained single ever since his divorce from the 37-year-old actress. He has been linked to several women, but none was confirmed to be his new girlfriend. Katie, on the other hand, has been trying her best to give their daughter a normal life amid the controversy.

According to Radar Online, the former Dawson’s Creek star doesn’t want her child to get special treatment or attention in school, and that’s why she avoids giving huge donations. Suri Cruise used to get designer clothes and vacations in luxury resorts when she was with Tom Cruise, but now she has learned to live a comparatively normal life with her mom.

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