Iggy Azalea ‘Convinced Nick Young Was Still Cheating,’ Called Off Engagement As Relationship Became Irreparable

Nick Young’s alleged cheating scandals were so hurtful to Iggy Azalea, there was no way she could move forward with her plans to marry a cheating fiancé, sources have alleged.

Iggy was devastated when Nick confirmed in a video he had cheated on the rapper with a 19-year-old girl. At first, Azalea didn’t believe the story — and that’s despite the fact that Nick said it from his own mouth. She was very much in denial over the whole thing, assuring herself that a man she loves so much wouldn’t hurt her in the slightest.

It wasn’t until multiple women came forward with evidence proving that they had an ongoing affair with the Lakers player that Iggy Azalea realized her fiancé was more or less living a double life — presenting himself as the sweetest man at home, but as soon as he’s on the road, he’s sleeping with different women.

It was extremely painful for Azalea, who had already been planning her wedding with the basketball star. She was so sure that the marriage would last, even looking forward to having children and starting a family with the 31-year-old, so with the knowledge that the cheating claims were true, she developed trust issues that couldn’t be overlooked, insiders report.

“This relationship is not repairable at this point because Iggy just can’t trust Nick,” E! News reveals. “Iggy and Nick haven’t been the same since that video was leaked a few weeks ago. She tried to put it behind her, but she still did not trust him. She was questioning so many things about what he was doing since that was leaked.”

Azalea felt it was best to call it quits with Nick Young because she didn’t want to be his babysitter any longer. Nick is a basketball player who is going to be traveling to different states every other week, evidently meaning that whenever he’s not at home, Iggy would convince herself that her fiancé is probably cheating again, and she just didn’t want to be that girl who puts up with it.

This year is still definitely proving itself to be anything but Iggy’s year. Before Azalea announced her split with Nick Young, it was revealed that Azalea’s sophomore album, Digital Distortion, had been postponed over the label’s fears that the record wouldn’t chart as well as they had hoped.

Those predictions were made after Iggy Azalea dropped her first single, “Team,” earlier this year, which fell out of the Billboard Hot 100 in just three weeks after its release. While the song pulled together a good amount of online streams, its sales were rather low, prompting execs over at her record label to push the record back from its initial release date this month.

No word on when Iggy plans to release the album, but now that she’s going through an emotional breakup with Nick Young, some fans are fearing that the new record probably won’t be seeing an official release date until next year.

Having publicly addressed the split on Twitter, confirming reports that she is no longer with Nick Young, Iggy reportedly plans on remaining single for the time being. She definitely wants to make music her priority again, and if anything, she can actually capitalize from the breakup by dishing the dirt in a new song.

Perhaps the decision to postpone the album will now give Iggy Azalea a chance to explain herself in what appears to be a rather heartbreaking split all over Nick’s cheating affairs.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]