‘Big Brother’ 17 UK Investigated by Regulatory Agency Over Explicit Sexual Activity Involving Famous Chef’s Son

Big Brother UK is quite different from its American counterpart, Big Brother US, in several ways, including the explicit nature of what is regularly broadcast to viewers on episodes. Nudity, explicit language, and even sexual scenes are quite common on the series, however, some viewers in the UK felt as though the broadcasting of frequent sexual scenes involving an attractive model and the son of a very famous chef, went too far.

According to the Evening Standard, the Office of Communications (OFCOM), the communications regulator in the UK, received 634 complaints after Laura Carter, 30, and Marco Pierre White Jr., 21, were “filmed getting intimate in bed together.”


The Big Brother 17 UK episode viewers found so offensive aired shortly after 9 p.m. on June 12 and featured one segment in which Marco exposes one of Laura’s breasts, another in which he is pleading with Laura to place a belt around his neck, another where he places his hand inside the front of her shorts, with all of this finally culminating in a very intimate connection in bed under the covers as night vision catches the entire incident.

At one point, Laura and Marco are seen heading off into a private area away from the other Big Brother houseguests. Marco is then heard saying to Laura, “Just strangle me with this belt,” as he places a gold belt around the back of his neck. When Laura replies, “I’m not strangling you on TV,” Marco continues to plead with her, saying, “Just strangle me on TV, there’s nothing wrong with it… strangle me.”

Marco then buckles the belt around his neck, lays on his back, and instructs Laura on how to perform the act in a way he believes is safe, and she complies. Marco then pulls Laura on top of him, thus she is straddling him as he calls her some very offensive names, and she begins to pull on the belt. Marco then says, “Whip me with it,” and when Laura slaps him in the face he laughs and then proceeds to hug and kiss her, finally telling her, “You’re amazing.”


In the second segment viewers found disturbing, Marco is explaining to Laura, as he has in prior episodes, their tryst is simply about sex and nothing more, as he is engaged to model Kim Melville-Smith. Marco notes he was given a “hall pass” by Kim to fool around in the Big Brother house and that while on the show, he is in an “open relationship.” He puts his hand down the front of Laura’s shorts as she sits near him, however, she states, “Don’t do that.” Marco goes on to proclaim he wants to have sexual relations with Laura in every room of the Big Brother house and proceeds to call her more offensive names.


The same episode culminated in a night vision scene in which Marco appears to wait until most of the other houseguests are asleep. He gets up, tiptoes over to Laura’s bed, and undercover activity takes place. The look on Laura’s face as the two get cozy says it all, thus, it is clear something sexual is occurring between the two Big Brother players.


Marco is the son of internationally renowned chef Marco Pierre White, while Laura is the model who claims to have had a brief affair with Justin Bieber.

Telly Mix reports that OFCOM released an official statement on Monday stating it is “…investigating whether sexual scenes in this episode of Big Brother exceeded generally accepted standards for its time of broadcast.”

According to the Independent, Marco Jr.’s mother has spoken out about her son’s behavior on the show and noted it was distressing to watch. She reportedly stated:

“I don’t want to say bad things about my son, whom I love dearly. But I don’t just don’t know what to do to help him. I worry it’s too late… The strangling thing was horrific to see, although I do think Big Brother was irresponsible to have shown it. As his mother, I don’t approve of Big Brother showing him as a sexual predator.”

Marco was evicted from the game on Friday night — the first houseguest to get the boot in Big Brother 17 UK. This is probably no surprise to most fans of the show, as unlike the American version of Big Brother, the public votes to determine who will be sent home in the UK.


The Evening Standard reports that Marco spoke out on a UK morning show Monday, revealing he and his fiancé, Kim, have split, however, their breakup is amicable. He did admit that although he believed he had a “free pass” to do anything he desired in the Big Brother house, he may have gone “too far” and takes “full blame” for his behavior.

[Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]