NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns Open To Trading No. 4 Pick, Is D’Angelo Russell In Play?

The Phoenix Suns want to trade the No. 4 pick?

That is the latest news circulating in the NBA trade rumor mill. It seems that the Phoenix Suns, much like other teams, are not necessarily thrilled with where they are drafting, and would love nothing more than to trade their pick. Just days before the NBA Draft arrives, there can be a lot of movement at the top and bottom of the NBA Draft. The Phoenix Suns want in on the action.

Arizona Sports is reporting that Phoenix would like to acquire a young veteran for their No. 4 pick.

And there is a team out there who can give the Suns what they want.

Calling the Los Angeles Lakers!

Calling the Los Angeles Lakers!

The Suns want to trade the fourth pick in the upcoming draft for a young veteran and the Lakers are pondering trading a young veteran. There is a match if both teams want to make something happen.

It was recently reported by the Inquisitr that the Los Angeles Lakers are open to moving point guard D’Angelo Russell. The Lakers caveat is a top-5 pick in this year’s draft.


The Suns were mentioned in the report as possibly having some interest in D’Angelo Russell. What was unknown was whether the Suns were open to trading the No. 4 pick, or not. That is until now. Keeping the pick is always an option for the Suns, but if trading it for Russell is worth it, that is what the Suns should do.

Prior to the Suns exploring the idea of moving out from the fourth spot, many of the NBA trade rumors had the Suns moving guard Eric Bledsoe. The latest trade rumor from Yibada has the Suns trading Bledsoe to the Philadelphia 76ers or Sacramento Kings. Providence guard Kris Dunn would be the player taken by the Suns in this scenario.

Which player would the Suns rather have, Eric Bledsoe, D’Angelo Russell or Kris Dunn?

The Phoenix Suns will answer that question with the corresponding moves they make up until the end of draft night.

D’Angelo Russell could benefit from a change of scenery after he was involved in a controversy with Lakers’ teammate Nick Young. Leaking a video confession is not the best way to be endearing to a teammate. It is a sure fire way to make a team upset. Russell getting removed from the team may be what is best for him and the Lakers. There is a fit with the Suns.

In a perfect world, a Suns and Lakers trade would only involve the No. 4 pick and D’Angelo Russell. Most times, NBA trades are over-complicated. Teams often want more for their player or draft picks than what they are worth.

D'Angelo Russell Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell would be an ideal pick-up for the Phoenix Suns, who is looking at trading the No. 4 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. [Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]If the Suns were to offer the No. 4 pick to the Lakers for Russell, it may not be enough to satisfy them. Never mind that the trade is as even as they come. The player which would be available with the No. 4 pick may turn out to be a better player than Russell, or at least on par with the young Lakers’ guard. The collateral damage left over from the video fiasco has diminished most of D’Angelo Russell’s trade value. With that, the Suns offering the No. 4 pick should do it.

If the Phoenix Suns decide to hold on to their draft pick, it will state the obvious. The Suns could not complete a trade.

A trade between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers for the No. 4 pick and D’Angelo Russell may not happen, but it makes sense for what each team wants. Do not be surprised to see the Suns move the pick, regardless what the Lakers decide to do.

[Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images]