WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige Possibly Arrested After Altercation With Boyfriend Alberto Del Rio

In a major rumor going around the internet today, it seems that things may not be going well in a certain WWE relationship. WWE Superstars Paige and Alberto Del Rio have been together since earlier this year with pictures coming out about them while they were at Disney World just a month or so back. It was said that the two were very happy together and that things were going quite well.

A person close to Del Rio claimed that the relationship with Paige was “the real thing” when news of the two broke online. However, there seems to be trouble in paradise as the two were seen fighting after the Money in the Bank PPV last night on the streets of Las Vegas.

It is rumored a fight with Del Rio resulted in Paige getting arrested, according to those who saw the issue take place who sent word to The Spotlight FB page. As you can see below, the police were involved, and Paige can be seen handcuffed. While it is odd that she is going into an ambulance in cuffs, some say this might be due to injuries she sustained.

WWE has yet to comment on the issue. Some assumed that WWE was taping something for tonight’s WWE RAW episode or for an upcoming WWE project. Of course, without WWE letting anyone know, we now have to wonder what is going on. If Paige did get arrested over an obvious physical altercation that resulted in her arrest, one would assume WWE would suspend her by now. That is why we clearly have to take this as a rumor for now.

There is no word from Las Vegas police and no mugshot, which makes many fans wonder about the ordeal. She may not have been officially booked, of course, and could have simply been held in police custody until things cooled down. Without a WWE comment, the internet will certainly speculate on the careers of both Alberto Del Rio and Paige. The sad part is that Del Rio and Paige had a lot to lose if things are going down as the internet speculates.

It was rumored that WWE wanted to push Alberto due to the need for a top Hispanic star. The same was said for Paige, who has now won twice in matches with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. The word was that the two would be getting into a rivalry soon, and it appeared as if we would see the two go at it by WWE Battleground. While it was expected that Charlotte would retain the title for a while, the match was going to happen soon enough.

Paige [image via WWE]What is so interesting about the rumor regarding their match was that the two would be fighting over not only the title but Del Rio. It was said that Del Rio briefly dated Charlotte when he came back to the WWE, having an off-and-on fling with the Women’s Champion. Paige is said to not be a fan of Charlotte due to the ordeal and that there has been tension between them since Del Rio and Paige got together.

It was then said that due to this, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wanted to put the two together and bring real life to the world of WWE. The company has done things similar to this before with people like Matt Hardy and Lita when it was found out that Lita cheated on Hardy with Edge while Matt was out with an injury.

While WWE may not do things exactly the same as they did with Edge, Hardy, and Lita, they do have a good story to run with. We’ll have to see what happens with Alberto Del Rio and Paige soon, once WWE comments on the issue — if they do at all.

UPDATE: Paige’s mom, Saraya Knight, did comment on the issue saying her daughter was not arrested. Meaning what went down last night could have been a work for WWE Swerved or simply something else entirely.

[Image via WWE]