‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: Executive Producer On Hook And Emma’s Wedding [Spoilers]

Once Upon A Time ended with Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) reuniting. OUAT fans couldn’t help but notice the wedding dress in the background. So, will Hook and Emma get married in Season 6?

Warning: Possible Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers are ahead.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers include a format change for the fairy tale series. There are a lot of questions, particularly about Regina (Lana Parrilla), Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumple (Robert Carlyle), and the other Storybrooke characters. It was stated by Parrilla that she will be playing a dual role next season: Regina and the Evil Queen. However, the actress was unable to give out any solid OUAT spoilers.

As for Hook and Emma, Entertainment Weekly asked the showrunners about the possibility of Hook and Emma getting married in Once Upon A Time Season 6.

“I would say you’ll have to watch Season 6, you never know what’s going to happen,” Eddy Kitsis said told EW, regarding Hook and Emma’s possible marriage in OUAT Season 6. “You never know what’s going to happen with those two.”

While Kitsis did not confirm nor deny the Once Upon A Time wedding rumors, usually when a showrunner remains silent, there is a good chance the theory is true. However, will Hook and Emma actually make it down the aisle? Or, will something happen to stop these two OUAT characters from getting married?

Once Upon A Time Season 6 is going to be full of surprises, according to Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Knowing that fans are upset about some character storylines being abandoned, the showrunners have assured viewers will get what they want next season. Two characters that are scheduled to return include Lily and Maleficent.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there are a lot of questions regarding Once Upon A Time Season 6. Some of those include how much magic is left in Storybrooke, how will the new characters get there, how does the Evil Queen live without a heart, and what about Belle’s unborn child?


There are also questions regarding the relationship between Regina and Zelena (Rebecca Mader) on OUAT. Will Robin Hood’s baby be magical? Could the child be a source of problems and resentment between the sisters?

“Will Baby Robin be magical? Will Zelena and Regina continue to have a healthy relationship now that they’ve reconciled? Or will Regina end up hating Zelena for being the mother to Robin’s baby? I’m curious to see what’s going to end up happening in that regard,” Lana Parrilla told Entertainment Weekly in a separate spoiler report. “Will she end up growing resentful that she can’t have children, but yet her sister has her boyfriend’s baby? I feel like that’s a story to be told. Are they going to stand side-by-side in a sisterhood or is Regina going to grow resentful over time?”

As for Rumple and Belle a.k.a. “Rumbelle,” OUAT fans wonder if these two will reconcile or not. Belle is in a deep slumber while Rumple figures things out. The Once Upon A Time character has forgiven him multiple times, but has he gone too far this time? Is there any chance of these two having a happy ending, and does a baby change things for Belle? What does the future hold for these two Once Upon A Time characters? OUAT fans will have to wait until the ABC series returns to find out.

What do you think is going to happen in Once Upon A Time Season 6? Will Hook and Emma get married, or will the OUAT characters encounter problems? What are your predictions for the rest of Storybrooke’s residents?

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