Fox Unveils SDCC 2016 Slate With ‘The Exorcist’ And ’24: Legacy’

Fox is heading into San Diego Comic Con 2016 with a healthy slate of new shows to offer to its fans. Although SDCC 2016 doesn’t actually happen until July 21, and goes through July 24, the broadcast network is eager to get the word out about what they have to show their fans.

With highly touted programming coming to Fox next season, the network is giving fans a glimpse of what they will be previewing at SDCC 2016, which is an exciting slate of programming for those who will be in attendance, according to Deadline.

For those horror fans out there have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the TV version of The Exorcist, you may not want to miss SDCC 2016 this year. Fox is expected to not only bring some great material for the show to the Comic Con event, but it is also expecting to preview the first episode for fans at SDCC 2016.

The Exorcist stars Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, and Geena Davis are expected to be in attendance for the SDCC 2016 screening, and there will likely be a question and answer panel for fans after the episode is shown.

But The Exorcist is not the only horror show that Fox will be bringing to SDCC 2016 this year. It is also bringing its highly anticipated TV adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to the Comic Con event in San Diego. The show stars an ensemble of young talent, including Christina Milian, Victoria Justice, Ryan McCarten, Laverne Cox, Reeve Carney, and Staz Nair. It is unclear which one of those starts will be in attendance at SDCC 2016, but there is a good chance that they will all be there.

This could also be the year that Fox finds major success with some TV show revivals, following the success of The X-Files last January. SDCC 2016 is the perfect place to premiere new footage for revival shows like 24 and Prison Break. Both of those shows were heavy hitters for Fox in their drama department, and they have an extremely loyal fan base.

When Fox debuts 24: Legacy at SDCC 2016, it is expected to have a room full of Jack Bauer enthusiasts. But that is not what the revival show is all about, given that it is a spinoff and not a true revival of the show. But that does not mean that Jack Bauer will not be in it, but he will not be the headliner.

At SDCC 2016, 24: Legacy will premiere what the Fox show is really about, which will have Corey Hawkins in the lead role this time, replacing Jack Bauer as the main CTU operative that will have time-based parameters to stop some sort of deadly threat that could have global repercussions.

Also starring in 24: Legacy is Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits (NYPD Blue). There has been no word yet who will be in attendance yet at SDCC 2016. There has also been no word as to whether or not Kiefer Sutherland will have anything to do with the show or the SDCC 2016 event for Fox.

Prison Break on Fox will be bringing back all the major characters from the original show. When Fox unveils the Prison Break special at SDCC 2016, there will be some fantastic footage of behind the scenes video that fans of the show will get to indulge in.

On top of the special presentations that Fox is bringing to SDCC 2016, they will also be featuring table reads for some of their more popular animated shows, which includes American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and The Simpsons.

[Image via Fox]