Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Reveal More Baby Plans While Still Pregnant

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are greedy for more babies! They are having such a great time with their baby daughter, James, that they revealed that more are in the future — and one is already in the oven!

It looks like Blake Lively is having a fine time with her pregnancy as she is planning for more while boasting a cute baby bump.

“She’s currently expecting her second child with handsome husband, Ryan Reynolds,” reports the Daily Mail. “And pregnant Blake Lively reigned supreme as queen of maternity dressing as she debuted yet another chic ensemble while heading to the Today Show in New York City on Monday morning. Keeping her baby bump hidden as she stepped out for a busy day of promotions, the actress, 28, put on a leggy display in a nude semi-sheer tiered minidress, featuring delicate floral embellishing.”


In the interview, which she took up to promote her film The Shallows, she heavily hinted at the fact that more babies are in the future for her and Ryan.

“I’m one of five kids; my husband’s one of four,” she added. “We’re officially breeders. You can go on our website and we will give you some of our children.”


Blake is back from Cannes Film Festival, but that doesn’t mean that she is done being chic. Her fashion choices throughout her pregnancy has been absolutely fantastic. She blew the Cannes crowd away with her choice of red, blue, white, and nude gowns that she picked for the red carpet, which all strategically hid her early baby bump.

But now that she is reunited with her family, she can’t stop gushing about how perfect her baby, James, and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, are.

“She’s always doing something fun and exciting,” Blake said. “She’s the most fun, funny human being I’ve ever been around in my life.”

But the Hollywood parents have been very eager to protect the privacy of their baby, James. They have not been caught in public with her and they definitely avoided uploading any pictures with her.

The one time that the picture of James leaked online, Ryan Reynolds was quick to protect his family and condemn his friend that sold the pictures of tabloid magazines.

All my eggs are in one basket, and that’s my family,” the 28-year-old actress said to Marie Claire. “That’s where my heart is. That’s where my everything is … My family: That’s the thing that I feel most protective of and the thing that I feel is the most exposed when I feel exploited.”

“Ryan had a nice, normal upbringing, and we want our kids to have the same normal life that we had,” she added. “We don’t ever want to rob them of what we had, because we’d feel really selfish.”

Their enthusiasm for having more kids is translating in the search for a new house. Right after the actress return to stateside, Ryan and Blake were seen apartment hunting in TriBeCa area of New York City.

“While their stunning country home has all the space in the world for the ‘litter’ of kids this mom wants, seems this couple are needing a little more space in the city for their growing family,” reports Daily Mail. “It appears Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may be taking a lead from Blake’s tummy and expanding their property portfolio. The pair were seen checking out some places in New York on Wednesday, with the 38-year-old actress’ bump suggesting they do not have long to look.”

They are currently living in upstate New York, where they are away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and paparazzi. But it looks like country living is getting a little monotonous for the pair that loves to socialize and look good in functions.

How many kids do you think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are planning? Comment your best guess below!

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]