Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Battle Of The Pens

The release of both the iPhone 7 Plus (or “Pro,” as some people are calling it) and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are right around the corner. Both devices will allegedly be pen-enabled, and will be able to function as a digital notepad. The Galaxy Note 7 will use the S Pen, while the iPhone 7 Plus will use the Apple Pencil.

According to the Vine Report, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will begin production in early July.

“Recent reports have pointed out that the long rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 6 — or Galaxy Note 7, or whatever it may end up being official called as — would enter mass production sometime around July and it is said to be the flagship phablet with the biggest initial supply to date, indicating a high expectation from the South Korean tech giant as to the perceived performance of the new flagship.”

The article adds that Samsung is currently gathering all the parts and completing all the necessary preparations before it enters production next month.

According to Tech Times, the Note 7 will be quite a smartphone. It will have an eight-inch 1,440 x 2,560 pixel AMOLED display, a 12MP camera, an Iris scanner, 128GB of internal memory, a microSD card slot for up to 256GB extra memory, and will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 Chipset.

According to BGR, the Note 7 will also have a 4,000mAh battery, a USB-C port, and will run Android N out of the box. There will likely be one version with a dual-edge display, and another where the screen doesn’t curve at all. The Note 7 is expected to arrive in stores after the second week of August.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus The iPhone 7 Plus may or may not be a huge upgrade from the iPhone 6s Plus. [Photo via Daryl Deino]Samsung is trying to get an early heads up on what some are referring to as the “iPhone 7 Pro.” Many were upset that Apple was going to get rid of the headphone jack. However, according to BGR, that may not even be true anymore.

“For months, most rumors said that Apple will ditch the 3.5mm headset jack. However, that might not be true. Reports from Rock Fix, a smartphone repair shop in China, seem to indicate that the iPhone 7 might still feature a headphone jack.”

The site also adds that all variations of the iPhone 7 will have a dual SIM option, which would allow it to be used with different wireless carriers. According to PhoneArena, the iPhone 7 Plus will have a very advanced camera and other advanced features.

“The latest image allegedly showing the Apple iPhone 7 Plus confirms the latest rumor about the dual camera setup on the back of the device…This image is said to show a final production version of the phone and includes the smart connector port. The report also cites other rumors that the iPhone 7 Plus might support wireless charging, and could be equipped with a 3500mAh battery.”

Some sites have been posting the leaked image on Twitter.


It is also believed that like the iPad Pro, Apple will finally add pen support to the iPhone 7 Plus. However, one would have to carry around the Apple Pencil, which is too big to attach to the iPhone. The Galaxy Note 7 will have a special pen slot so users don’t lose the pen after writing. Judging by all the rumors and leaks, which phone would you rather have — the iPhone 7 Plus or the Galaxy Note 7? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]