‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Scrapp DeLeon Has A Change Of Heart, Sends Tommie Birthday Flowers From Prison

Scrapp DeLeon’s breakup with Tommie Lee on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was pretty explosive. After several episodes of watching the couple go back and forth over Scrapp’s infidelity, the now-imprisoned reality star finally told Tommie he was done with her for good.

It’s not like Scrapp didn’t already have plenty of other women vying for his attention. As a matter of fact, it was his inability to resist temptation that caused a lot of drama between Tommie and Scrapp in the first place. It looks like all may be forgiven on both fronts at least for now, though.

Even though Scrapp DeLeon is in prison and will be there for five years as he serves his punishment on a marijuana trafficking conviction, it looks like Tommie might just hold him down after all. Tommie seemed too surprised and even pretty happy when she received a bouquet of flowers and a balloon on her birthday.

Tommie posted a video of herself receiving the flowers. In it, she said, “Aww who’s it from?” Then after opening the card, the LHHATL newbie read the card, “Happy birthday my queen from your man Scrapp!!”

The caption on Tommie’s Instagram video said, “Sitting with the glam squad and a special delivery from Bae” followed by a slew of hashtags about freeing Scrapp DeLeon. Is it safe to say that Tommie will be visiting Scrapp and putting money on his books after all?

The last we saw of Tommie and Scrapp’s relationship on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Scrapp said he was done with Tommie’s craziness. It’s not like the LHHATL newcomer was being faithful, anyway. When Season 5 started, Scrapp was juggling his baby mama, Tiarra, and Tommie at the same time.

When Tommie found out that Scrapp was two-timing her with his baby mama, she went ballistic. Tommie even stalked Tiarra and attacked her when she didn’t even know who Scrapp’s other woman was.

There were also rumors during the season that Tommie and Tiarra were never even Scrapp’s main girlfriend. That honor reportedly went to a girl named Erica, who has a baby with Scrapp that isn’t very old right now. When Tommie learned that some other girl might be living with Scrapp, she showed up to his home wearing nothing but lingerie to “show him what he lost.” When Scrapp called Tommie out on her crazy spying and her shocking outfit, Tommie broke down in tears and then tried to hitchhike away from his place while she was still barely dressed.

That wasn’t even the end of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cheating drama. Considering that both Scrapp DeLeon and Tommie Lee were brand new to the VH1 series this season, they certainly had a lot of drama together. Especially after the felonious reality star met up with Karlie Redd.

In a signature messy move by Redd, after a romantic weekend together with Scrapp, Karlie made sure to leave the hotel receipt with her name on it in his car. Naturally, Tommie found it and freaked out on her on-again, off-again boyfriend once again. This time, Scrapp must have been pretty enamored with Karlie Redd, because he told Tommie that it was over.

In Season 5, Episode 10 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, fans saw Scrapp DeLeon say his goodbyes and head off to prison to serve out a five-year sentence. With the way things ended with Tommie, it was assumed that the messiest couple of Season 5 was over but it looks like that’s not the case. DeLeon is so smooth that he’s still romancing Tommie even from his prison cell and it looks like she fell for it.

[Image via VH1]