Rita Ora Knew Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Were Doomed From The Start

You can now call Rita Ora a psychic. While most fans assumed that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were going to be forever, the British pop star knew that the two were headed for trouble.

Rita Ora has previously admitted that she has “never stopped loving” Calvin Harris, but she also had a feeling that he would eventually break up with his now ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

A source that’s supposedly close to Ora, 26, says that she has her sights set on Harris, 32, now that she knows he’s single. Earlier this month, Harris and Swift, 26, ended their relationship after 15 months of dating. Harris confirmed the news via Twitter but has since removed the tweet after Swift was spotted kissing actor Tom Hiddleston.

Since then, it has been rumored that Taylor may have been hooking up with the British actor while she was still dating Calvin. Taylor and Tom were seen dancing and having a grand old time at the 2016 Met Gala, where she made her Grungy red carpet appearance without Calvin by her side. She had no one else to dance with, so she danced the night away with Tom, which seemed innocent at the time.

But, let’s get back to Rita Ora. The “Poison” singer is still holding out hope for a rekindled romance with Harris even though their own split was messy.

“Rita has never stopped loving Calvin and has felt he was hasty splitting up with her and was always swayed by gossip rather than facts,” the source told Britain’s Look magazine in this week’s issue.

Hollywood’s double threat had an inkling that Swift and Harris weren’t going to last. She was aware that the two artists were from completely different worlds and believes that Harris only dated the pop star to make himself an even bigger star.

“She thinks he only dated Taylor Swift because he was on the rebound from her and wants to remind him of everything they had together. Rita knew things were going downhill for [Calvin and Taylor]. She wasn’t surprised when they broke up. She knows the fame game winds him up and that he must found that life difficult.”

Ora can’t stop thinking about the bond and “crazy chemistry” they once shared since they’re so similar. The anonymous friend of Ora says that the former exes were both lovers and friends who loved hanging out with each other.

However, it looks like Rita has been making romance rumors with another musician. She has been spotted out and about with Justin Bieber earlier this month. The two were spotted having dinner at Kitchen 24 and then hanging out at Warwick nightclub in Hollywood. Rita and Justin, 21, were even seen leaving in the same vehicle together.

The Biebs was spotted wearing a black hoodie tied up so that it was impossible to see his face. Meanwhile, Ora kept it cute and stylish in a black baseball cap, a black hooded sweatshirt, and a gray mini skirt. The romance rumors between these two were the reason why Ora and Harris split back in 2014.

The Scottish DJ thought that Justin and Rita were getting too close to each other. Sources told TMZ that Rita was getting “touchy feely” with Justin in the recording studio.

“Calvin heard they were very affectionate – she would sit on his lap, he would rub her back, etc,” the source added.

Ora and Bieber even fled to Mexico together shortly after her split and his n-word video surfaced. Now, the pair have been hooking up and making music together. Another source told Britain’s Heat magazine that Ora believes she and Bieber share “real chemistry,” but does it compare to the “crazy chemistry” that she once shared with Harris?

Only if it will get her a No. 1 album. Calvin previously banned Rita from performing any of the music they made together. In addition to that, Rita has yet to release a follow-up to her debut album, Ora, and has since parted ways with her label Roc Nation after a series of legal battles. Now, she’s determined to make a musical comeback and thinks Justin can help her.

“Rita knows this would be a big opportunity for her music,” the insider continued. “They have similar vibes and she would love to collaborate. Justin and his manager, Scooter Braun, could really help her with her career.”

However, Gossip Cop has quickly denied this rumor. A source close to Justin Bieber claims that the pop star is very “single,” and he is not hooking up or making music with Rita Ora.

[Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for VH1]