‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail’s Situation Rattles Chad, Belle Tears Into Nicole, And Deimos Bonds With Parker

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Monday’s episode will be a dramatic one for fans. Chad and Marlena are desperate to get to Abigail while Kate and Nicole are battling over the Deimos situation. Viewers know that he is alive and with Chloe, but nobody in Salem is aware of this yet. What can everybody expect from the June 20 show?

Chad and Marlena were called to Shady Hills, and it turns out that there had been a fire there. Abigail has been burned, and Chad will be anxious to be by her side. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that she will tell Chad that Ben set the fire. As SheKnows Soaps shares, this situation will cause a great deal of concern for him as he worries about his wife and the situation with the fire.

Previews have shown Chad talking to JJ about the Shady Hills fire and the fact that Abigail points the finger at Ben. Unfortunately, it sounds as if Abby may be the one responsible for the blaze, and during Monday’s show, she will beg Chad and Jennifer to get her back home and away from the facility. It sounds as if Chad may consider trying to do this, but as the week plays out, Abigail will remain at the facility and worry about what comes next.

Sadly, this week brings Kate Mansi’s final episodes in the role of Abigail. Her last scenes air on Friday, and then there is a gap of several months ahead before Abby is back on the canvas. It has been revealed that newcomer Marci Miller will step into the role, and her scenes will begin airing in October or November. At the end of this week, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease, Abigail will go on the run on her own after deciding she can’t wait any longer for Chad to come rescue her.


Monday’s episode also brings more with Deimos and Chloe, as DOOL teasers detail that he starts to bond with Parker. According to Soap Central, this bonding will lead her to letting her guard down a bit, but she is still wary of her surprise guest, and soon she will reach out to Nicole in Salem to gauge the situation back there. He will be revealing more about what happened with Kate, but everybody can tell it will be tough to nail her for these shenanigans.

Kate is framing Nicole for this supposed murder and now Nic and Dario created an extra layer of trouble by sneaking into the Kiriakis mansion and getting caught. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Belle will be quite frustrated with her client for creating this situation, and she minces no words as she tears into Nic. Despite all of the trouble, Nicole swears she had nothing to do with Deimos’ disappearance and continues to point the finger at Kate.


As the week continues, DOOL teasers share that Aiden and Andre will make another plan, and this one involves keeping Rafe away from Hope. Andre will get released from jail, and Hope and Aiden will head off on a short trip together. Belle and Shawn will tell Claire about their reunion while Theo tries to reignite his relationship with Ciara, and he gets rejected. A man shows up to claim responsibility for killing Stefano, and this will certainly shake things up in Salem.

How close will Chad and Ciara get while Abigail is on the run? Can Nicole clear her name in the wake of Kate’s schemes? How will Deimos handle his return to Salem in the episodes ahead? There are juicy twists and turns on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on Days of Our Lives.

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