‘Real Housewives’ Star Brandi Says LeeAnne Is So Wounded: Is She A Victim?

The Real Housewives of Dallas has come to an end, and the stars now have to sit through the reunion special, which aired last night on Bravo. During the reunion, LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra sat on one couch while Brandi Redmond, Cary Deuber, and Stephanie Hollman sat on the other couch. And there was a clear divide between the ladies, as they knew that LeeAnne had some issues from her childhood. After a few episodes of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Locken completely lost it.

According to a new Bravo report, Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond is now revealing that she thinks her co-star does play the victim based on her past. It’s no secret that LeeAnne has had a horrible past in the carnival world. She’s seen people do drugs, overdose, jump off amusement rides because they were high, been molested herself, and has even been the victim of an attempted killing. She opened up about that on the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion special last night.

“I see LeeAnne as someone who is so wounded from her past that every turn she makes reminds her of being a victim. I feel her sharing her story gives her a sense of therapeutic relief. It is exhausting when someone always has a story to go with everyone else’s but I realize that’s just LeeAnne. I can’t wait to tell her about the time I ate a booger once to hear her story! LMAO I will say I was proud of LeeAnne at the Reunion for admitting her wrongs and taking ownership and giving apologies where due,” Brandi revealed about the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion special, which focused on LeeAnne’s behavior.

On the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, Locken opened up about an ex who tried to kill her. She reveals that he told her he was going to kill her when he got home. When he got home, LeeAnne rolled under the garage door and started running for her life. He caught up with her and slammed her head into the ground, but one lady helped Locken escape. This was a story that she shared on the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion last night, and it was a story that her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars knew nothing about.

Of course, many of the Real Housewives of Dallas stars were confused about Locken’s stories on the show. During the reunion, she was very guarded during her conversation with Cary Deuber, and she kept trying to deny the fact that she was spreading malicious rumors about Cary and her husband throughout the entire season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Oddly enough, Locken’s husband, Rich, seems to be staying out of all the drama.

“She and Rich are a very sweet couple without all the drama. She is lucky to have someone stick by her and make her feel so secure after everything she has been through. I also love LeeAnne’s passion for animals. I think this is something that she is so connected with because she rescues them just like she needed to be rescued from her past. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for LeeAnne,” Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi points out.

The Real Housewives of Dallas has yet to be renewed for a second season, and it is possible that the ladies won’t return for a second season. The drama was intense, but the charity storyline may have been too boring.

What do you think of the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion? Do you think LeeAnne is wounded, or do you think she’s just trying to be the drama queen of the season?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]