Kim Kardashian Fans Beg Her To Stop Wearing This 'Thing' As She Poses In New Pic With Hilarious Car

Kim Kardashian is a trendsetter, and it seems she's sparked concerns over what fans see as a new trend she might be attempting to set these days. Some of her fans have taken to the online world to say they want nothing to do with it, suggests the Mirror. After taking a gander at a recent photo Kim posted on Instagram, one fan even begged her to turn around and go back to her house and change.

Over the weekend Kim emerged in an outfit that people verbally tore apart online. A few of the comments made Kim sound rather frumpy-looking. According to the Mirror, the fan wrote "I love you... but" and that turned into a big "but" once this fan got through with the critique. Kim is told by the fan how it "looks like you were in a hurry" when leaving the house.

The comment then goes on to describe the fan's personal take on Kim's outfit while surmising the celebrity threw it together in a hurry. The fan addresses Kim by saying that it looks like you "left the house in your mom's old blazer, some pedicure flip flops that were left by the front door, and your higher power Spanx." This critique then directs Kim to take action. "March right back in that closet girl and get yourself dressed."

The Mirror suggests some of Kim's fans were "concerned by Kim's outfit" and they "beg her to stop trying to make cycling shorts a thing." One fan chimed in to let Kim know: "You forgot your pants." She was given some direction by another fan who demanded: "Stop trying to make cycling shorts happen!" Still, another fan asks: "When did cycling shorts become a trend? Terrible!"

It looks as though Kim's cycling pants are not something some of her fans find flattering on the fashion icon. This picture of Kim was taken while she was on the way to join the March to Save Our Lives event.

Kim is looking as if she's in top shape while sporting those cycling shorts in the picture posted above. Take a closer look and you can see why Kim's fans are questioning the bizarre "crushed car" behind her. It was so obvious that this image was Photoshopped that the picture is deemed an "epic Photoshop fail" online, according to the Metro.

Kim's fans were quick to notice that it looks as if this photo has been tuned up a bit and started mocking Kim for the photo enhancement of her body, which is described in the earlier Inquisitr article. Others couldn't take their focus off the bizarre-looking "crushed car" in the background of the photo. It is actually kind of funny looking, as suggested online.

According to the Mirror, those folks commenting on the photo had that car in their scope as well. One comment simply asked: "What is with that car behind you?" Another posted comment asked: "What kind of car is that in the background lmao deff photoshopped" One fan asked if that was a "space car" in Kim's picture.

The scrunched up car in the background was another major focus of this Instagram picture posted by Kim. But for a select group of her fans, their concerns focused on a possible trend Kim was setting with her infatuation of cycling shorts.

It seems that whether Kim is looking up to par or not, she had many more fans "like" this picture than criticize it. No matter what is right or wrong with this picture, Kim managed to rack up 1,490,320 likes in less than 24-hours on that Instagram post.