‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Jack Learns The Truth, Sharon Takes A Risk, And Hilary Gets Desperate As A Relapse Looms

What is coming up on Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless? Spoilers share that Jack will learn the truth about Hilary’s kidnapping, and this sets the stage for plenty of drama. In addition, Sharon continues to scramble when it comes to the secret she’s keeping about Sully and things are getting frisky over at Billy’s place. What else is coming up on the June 20 show?

As viewers saw on Friday, Mariah was about to open up to Kevin about what has her acting so strangely, but Sharon and Dylan walked in before she revealed anything. Young and the Restless spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Sharon will quickly shut down this conversation.

While Dylan will try to get Sharon to open up about what has been going on, she covers once again. She will have another nightmare about Sage, and viewers will see her later decide to skip a dose of her medication.


Jack will push Ashley to explain her decision to pay off a lab technician, and Young and Restless spoilers tease that she will admit that she isn’t the one who did it. She says that Neville wasn’t responsible either and that Hilary is the one who paid the tech. Ashley will go on to tell Jack about how Hil had been blackmailing both of them, and she tries to warn him off of her.

Phyllis and Billy are holed up at his mansion, and Soap Central teases that they will have to deal with an interruption as Ashley shows up trying to get into the house to talk to him. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Phyllis will hide as Ashley comes in and talks about Hilary’s antics.

Billy tries to get rid of his sister and mentions that maybe she could coordinate with Phyllis to deal with Hilary. After Ashley leaves, Phyllis tears into his suggestion that the two women team up together. She worries about people finding out about their affair, but he says that they can’t lose one another. Phyllis may be worried about continuing this affair, but it is clear that she also can’t quite stay away from her husband’s brother.

Hilary has been desperate to hide the truth about her relapse from Devon, but Young and Restless spoilers note that she will get desperate and lash out at her husband as he questions her. Soon, Jack will show up and confront her about the lab tech situation and blackmail.

As Jack and Hilary are having this discussion, Neville and Neil are talking about the situation as well. Neil is worried about how Ash now knows about the blackmail, and Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Devon will come by and tear into Neville for having Hilary working too hard. They discuss the press, and soon, Jack shows up to confront Neil about the kidnapping.

Kevin and Mariah will reconnect later, and he continues to push her to explain why she’s been acting so strangely. He thinks it’s related to Sharon, and Mariah admits that it is. However, Young and Restless spoilers tease that she will make up a cover story about Sharon having trouble with Dylan. Once Kevin leaves, she will call a “Dr. Miller” and leave a message.

Viewers can expect a bit more drama between Neville, Ashley, and Hilary before the end of the episode, and as the week continues, there will be plenty more on this front. When and how will Phyllis and Billy ultimately be caught? Young and the Restless spoilers note that the week of June 20 also has plenty of chaos related to Victor and Adam, and fans will not want to miss a minute of the upcoming action.


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