‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher Heads To Buenos Aires In Episode 6, Which Men Get Roses?

ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season kicks back into gear again Monday night and JoJo Fletcher is starting to travel to some more exotic locales with her remaining bachelors. The big villain is gone now and viewers are hoping that a true love story forms now in these remaining shows. Episode 6 is next up after Monday’s show and fans are anxious for some Bachelorette spoilers detailing what comes next.

Episode 5 has JoJo Fletcher whittling down her field of suitors to the final eight men, and Bachelorette spoilers from TV Guide confirm that the group will be headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina for Episode 6 airing on Monday, June 27. Interestingly, even gossip guru “Reality Steve” doesn’t have a lot of specifics for these next dates. It seems that there is a group date, an individual date, and another two-on-one date, and two guys will head home by the time the rose ceremony is over.

At the moment, Bachelorette spoilers have not pinned down which of Fletcher’s bachelors get the individual date during this next show. However, it seems that it is likely either Luke Pell or James Taylor based on when most of the guys have had other individual dates. This one will encompass some sexy dancing on the stage at a performance art show. Does this contender get a rose? Reality Steve’s spoilers share that he doesn’t get sent home at this point, so it seems like he will.

The franchise has never had two two-on-one dates in a single season before, but they threw that shocker at everybody this time around. These dates are always awkward, and now Fletcher is having to do it a second time. Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers note that Chase McNary and Derek Peth end up on this one, making for what will surely be a much more mellow outing than the last two-on-one date this season. Chase is said to stay over Derek.

The group date involves five of the bachelors joining Fletcher in the La Boca neighborhood, a somewhat rough area that tends to draw in a large number of tourists in Buenos Aries, notes the blog A Gringo in Buenos Aires. It’s near a river and has both a soccer stadium for the Boca Juniors and a lot of work by street artists. At this point, it is not known which bachelor will get the group date rose or exactly what the group will do on this outing.

There is a rose ceremony slated to take place during this episode, but Bachelorette spoilers tease that JoJo will end up running out of it at one point. Is she torn over which suitor to cut next, or does something else happen to upset her? Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed that with Chad Johnson gone, there really is not much in the way of drama that comes up regarding Fletcher’s guys from this point forward. More information about what has her upset should emerge as the press release for Episode 6 comes out from ABC.

Regardless of the emotions JoJo is feeling heading into this rose ceremony, she does have another elimination to make. Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Wells Adams will be eliminated and that will pin down Fletcher’s top six men for Season 12. It looks like Episode 7 will air on the Fourth of July, a somewhat unusual move by ABC, and that one will reveal the suitors who get hometown dates this spring.

Does JoJo Fletcher find love this spring with her final rose pick? Will the two forge a lasting relationship outside of the show? Fans are definitely buzzing about ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season and cannot wait to see what comes next.

[Image via JoJo Fletcher’s Instagram]