Emilia Clarke Shares Violent Video On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Set [Spoilers]

Emilia Clarke has just shared a hilarious yet dangerous clip showing Peter Dinklage almost get hurt, according to Time. The 29-year-old actress shared a video that shows violence on the Game of Thrones set.

The clip was shared by Emilia Clarke on Tuesday, two days after her character on the HBO show, Daenerys Targaryen, found out the masters of Slavers Bay are planning to attack the city. And it’s something about the Mother of Dragons’ timing.

First, on Sunday’s episode of the hit HBO show, Emilia Clarke’s character returned just in time in Meereen, and now, the actress arrived just in time on the set to capture the moment of violence between Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister).

“The truth behind my warriors… #Tbt the time when the boys were missing the rest of the boys. Girls had a camera.”

In the clip, knife training has gone wrong. Anderson failed a knife trick, and Dinklage almost got hurt. But nobody was actually hurt as a result and both Anderson, and Dinklage laughed it off by staging a scene in which the latter is seen being strangled, while Emilia Clarke recorded the whole thing.

In the caption to the Instagram video, Emilia Clarke claimed that she and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) showed Anderson and Dinklage a couple of knife tricks.

Emilia Clarke is set to star in a new movie Blood Mountain, and she will be unrecognizable to the fans of her role on Game of Thrones, according to Forbes. The actress who played the Mother of Dragons on the hit HBO show may even shock some of her fans in the upcoming film.

Blood Mountain starring Emilia Clarke is based on a true story and is centered around FBI agent Mark Putnam (played by Jack Huston), who was sent to an Appalachian mountain town in Kentucky. The movie is set in the late 1980s and was financed by private investors Mohammed Al Rafi and Tim Degray.

In the film, Emilia Clarke plays the role of Susan Smith, an emotionally unstable woman whom Putnam approached to be his informant. She then becomes his mistress, and then in a perfectly explainable series of events, Putnam throws her off a cliff.

That’s pretty much the fate of Emilia Clarke’s character in the upcoming film. With this film, the producers want to boost their box office success after the release of romantic drama, Me Before You, starring Clarke and Sam Claflin.

In her recent interview with Forbes, Blood Mountain director Phillip Noyce revealed that Emilia Clarke has done so many things during the filming process that she will surely “shock people in so many ways.”

After just 35 days of filming for the film, Noyce admitted that Emilia Clarke is a “brilliant actress,” and he believes that the Game of Thrones star has never been offered the chance “to completely prove her versatility.”

Apart from Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke has previously appeared in Terminator Genisys and Dom Hemingway. Noyce agreed to direct the film 16 years ago in 2000 when producer Colleen Camp hired Chris Gerolmo to pen the screenplay.

The screenplay for the upcoming film starring Emilia Clarke is based on Joe Sharkey’s non-fiction book, Above Suspicion. And explaining why it took the crew so long to finally begin filming, Noyce said that they needed a long time to find “the right actors.”

“Eventually we decided to go with lesser-known but emerging names in Emilia [Clarke] and Jack [Huston]. Both are enormous talents and part of the next generation of movie stars.”

Noyce also said that she was impressed by Huston’s performance in Boardwalk Empire, which is why she decided to offer him the part alongside Emilia Clarke.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]