Leonardo Dicaprio Ordered To Testify In $15 Million ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Lawsuit Despite Claiming He’s ‘Too Busy’

Leonardo DiCaprio has once again proved that he has a certain type when it comes to women, according to Vogue. The Oscar-winning actor has reportedly started dating a Danish woman who looks almost exactly like his previous girlfriends.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Danish model Nina Agdal are reportedly dating, according to numerous reports. The two were rumored to be dating back in 2014, as well as earlier this year, and within the last week, the two have been spotted spending time together on several occasions.

In particular, Leonardo DiCaprio and Agdal were spotted spending some quality time together in the Hamptons, visiting a bagel shop and walking around the city.

According to reports, the Wolf of Wall Street actor even bought a little present for his girlfriend.

It was raining, so Leonardo DiCaprio behaved like a gentleman and bought the model a poncho from a gift shop nearby. And then the couple sat together in a diner with their arms wrapped around one another.

However, Adgal hasn’t posted any pictures featuring herself and Leonardo DiCaprio on her Instagram account, which means the two are trying to keep their relationship in secret for now. But there is no doubt Adgal could be the 41-year-old Oscar-winning actor’s girlfriends since all of his previous girlfriends share a striking resemblance in physical appearance.

But it’s not just this particular physical appearance that attracts Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s also his girlfriend being a model. According to rumors, The Revenant actor has reportedly dated at least ten models over the past number of years, and all of them look pretty much the same, like Gisele Bündchen.

But while it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio has lots of time to spend with his new girlfriend, it appears that his busy schedule doesn’t allow him to give testimony in a $15 million lawsuit, according to the Guardian.

The lawsuit was filed by Andrew Greene, a former associate of The Wolf of Wall Street main character Jordan Belfort, who claims that a supporting character in the film, which was based on a true story, was “loosely” based on him. In fact, that character was depicted as a “criminal” and “degenerate,” according to Greene.

And now the lawsuit is getting more serious now that Leonardo DiCaprio has been ordered by a judge to finally give testimony. The need for the Oscar-winning actor to give testimony is explained by the fact that he served as executive producer for the film alongside Martin Scorsese, Richard Baratta, and a few others.

And with his $15 million lawsuit, Greene is suing The Wolf of Wall Street producers including Paramount Pictures. Even though a judge has rejected Greene’s claims of defamation, the plaintiff has been allowed to amend his initial objection.

Greene and his lawyers have made several attempts to depose Leonardo DiCaprio, but the actor has had a “too busy” schedule to appear in court. Besides, the defendants claim that the testimonies of director Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Terence Winter would be enough to resolve the lawsuit.

However, given Leonardo DiCaprio’s large amount of work put in the film as a producer, the judge ordered the Wolf of Wall Street actor to give testimony “at a reasonable time and place agreed to by the parties.”

Greene claims that the character named Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff (played by PJ Byrne) was based on him. According to the lawsuit filed by the ex-colleague of Belfort, the film mocked his hairpiece as well as presented the character as a drug user.

“The motion picture’s scenes concerning Mr. Greene were false, defamatory, and fundamentally injurious to Mr. Greene’s professional reputation, both as an attorney and as an investment banker/venture capitalist, as well as his personal reputation.”

[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]