Gym Shooter George Sodini’s YouTube videos

In addition to a blog detailing his inner turmoil and massacre plans, LA Fitness shooter George Sodini posted two videos last year on YouTube that offer a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a killer in the making.

Sodini’s videos are a sad commentary on what was a very, very lonely life. In one, Sodini discusses his difficulties in meeting women and getting past the tendency to “hide from emotion.”

In the second, Sodini does a rather dry and very depressing house tour, noting all the features in his home that may impress women. It’s unclear what Sodini was trying to convey in posting the videos, but they’ve unsurprisingly skyrocketed in popularity after the killings as everyone wants to know exactly what drove a quiet systems analyst to open fire in an aerobics class.

As both videos and his blog seems to suggest, Sodini was unable to cope with chronic lack of companionship and sex. And he was determined to ensure that in his last act, for a change, he would not be alone.