Who Does ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Send Home Next? Weekly Rose Ceremony Elimination Spoilers And Season 12 Travel Itinerary

Who does Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher send home next? With just a few weeks to go before she hands out her final rose, fans are trying to figure out who leaves, who stays, and where the cast and crew travels for the remainder of the season.

Only 11 men remain as we head into the Bachelorette Episode 5 on Monday, June 20, and JoJo will continue to eliminate a few men each week until she has her final four for the hometown dates, the final three for overnights, and ends up with the last two men standing at the final rose ceremony.

Find the episode-by-episode rose ceremony elimination spoilers for the remainder of the season along with some intel on the one-on-one and group dates, JoJo’s travel itinerary, and some scoop on which guys may be joining ABC’s summer reality show, Bachelor in Paradise, after they are sent home.

Episode 5 — June 20, Uruguay — Chad finally leaves at the beginning of this episode along with Daniel and James F. JoJo will then travel to Uruguay with her remaining 11 guys for two, one-on-one dates and a group date. Jordan and Robby score one-on-one dates this week. ABC’s video preview shows that Chase, Evan, James T., Vinny, Luke, Alex, Derek, Grant, and Wells go a sandboarding group date.

Rose ceremony eliminations: Grant Kemp, Vinny Venteria, and Evan Bass, who will be sent home at the rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve, Grant and Evan may be heading to Paradise this summer. Chad has already returned from filming in Mexico — his stay on the show was very brief.

Episode 6 — June 27, Argentina — Eight men remain and two more will leave this week. The second two-on-one date of the season will take place on Episode 6, with Derek and Chase vying for the rose. Spoilers indicate that Derek will go home on the two-on-one date, and Wells Adams will be eliminated at the rose ceremony.


Epsiode 7 — July 11, Argentina — Little is known about the dates on this episode, with producers doing a good job keeping this episode under wraps. However, Reality Steve is confident that JoJo eliminates James Taylor and Alex Woytkiw at the rose ceremony, leaving her with the four men who will score hometown dates with JoJo — Robby, Jordan, Luke, and Chase.

Episode 8 — July 18, Hometown Dates — Spoilers point to JoJo traveling to Colorado for a date with Chase McNary; Florida to meet Robby Hayes’ family; Texas for her hometown with Luke Pell; and California, where she will spend the day with Jordan Rodgers. Spoilers point to Luke getting eliminated and while he’s not expected to show up in Paradise, he is rumored to be a frontrunner to become the next Bachelor.

Episode 9July 25, Thailand (Overnight Dates) – JoJo goes on her final dates with Jordan, Chase, and Robby. As always, fans will wonder if she slept with all three men in the Fantasy Suite. Cameras won’t be rolling, but Reality Steve states that she does spend the night with all of her final three guys.

JoJo recently opened up to People about the Fantasy Suite, stating that she let “whatever happen, happen” during her alone-time with Chase, Jordan, and Robby — that’s something to ponder while fans wait for the episode to air.

The Bachelorette: Men Tell All — July 26 — This special will be taped one week prior to the air date and most of JoJo’s guys are expected to show up to film the show in L.A.

Season Finale and live After The Final Rose special — August 1: The final rose ceremony was filmed in Thailand and Reality Steve is confident that Jordan Rodgers got engaged to JoJo after she sends Robby Hayes home.

Fans can expect host Chris Harrison to ask plenty of questions about Jordan and JoJo’s relationship status, especially in light of the cheating allegations brought forth by more than one of his ex-girlfriends.

Robby Hayes, who reportedly broke up with his girlfriend of four years before going on the show, will also appear on the ATFR special to discuss his failed relationship with JoJo. Perhaps he will also touch upon why this season’s villain, Chad Johnson, has been hanging out with his ex, Hope Higgenbotham.

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