UFO Sightings: Eerie Diamond-Shaped Craft Seen And Photographed Around The World [Video]

UFO sightings seem to be ramping up in 2016, and recently, there has been a rash of sightings of inexplicable diamond-shaped UFOs around the world. One of the most noted UFO sightings in recent weeks took place on June 9 in Melbourne, Australia, reports The Mirror. The video of a bizarre, diamond-shaped UFO has gone viral, with Ufologists the world over unable to determine what a freaked out mom and daughter captured on video hovering over a busy highway.

Take a look at the footage, which is incredibly clear as far as videos of UFO sightings go. The mom and daughter who recorded the close encounter of the third kind shared the video online to get other people’s take on what they may have seen. Check it out.

The footage of the diamond-shaped UFO flying over Melbourne has been analyzed by UFO experts SecureTeam10. The group specializes in checking out UFO sightings caught on tape and sharing their determination as to what may have been seen flying in the sky. According to the UFO experts, the Melbourne video doesn’t “look like anything man-made.”

“It wasn’t a plane, obviously wasn’t a drone… Wasn’t a kite or anything like that because they said it was extremely windy out and this thing… [was] moving at its own pace, before disappearing.”

The UFO experts who regularly screen UFO sightings for “authenticity” have put a call out to others who may have been in the Melbourne area on June 9 to get in contact with them so that they can compare eyewitness accounts of the UFO sighting, as well as analyze any other potential video of other people’s sightings.


According to the mom who recorded the video of the UFO, whatever the craft was, it was making a “really odd, loud sound.” In the video, the diamond-shaped UFO can be seen flying through the air, vanishing behind some trees, reappearing, and finally disappearing from view altogether when it goes behind a wall.

The Melbourne, Australia UFO sighting was not the only one to take place recently. At the end of May in Peru, an entire town of witnesses claims to have been harassed by UFOs over a two-night period. Those witnesses even reported seeing humanoid creatures and markings on the ground where the UFOs involved in their sightings reportedly landed.


The Peru UFOs were reportedly of the traditional “flying saucer” variety, complete with bright, colorful flashing lights. However, other witnesses around the world have recently claimed to see diamond-shaped UFOs strikingly similar to what was recorded in Australia.

UFOStalker reports that a diamond-shaped UFO was spotted in Michigan, USA on June 13. That sighting is currently unresolved.

According to Latest UFO Sightings, another diamond-shaped UFO was sighted in Brazil on June 8. This is another of the recent diamond-shaped UFO sightings caught on camera and shared on social media.

If you check out the video of the Brazil and Australia UFO sightings, you can see that the UFOs recorded bear a striking similarity to one another, and the videos were recorded only a day apart.

Another video, posted to YouTube earlier this year, shows a diamond-shaped UFO flying level with a jet in Texas.


As Latest UFO Sightings reports, the diamond-shaped UFO filmed above Texas earlier in 2016 is similar to UFO sightings that took place in the 1980s.

The 1980 diamond-shaped UFO sighting involved two women named Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum, and it became so notorious in the world of UFO research that it has since been dubbed “The Cash-Landrum Incident.”


In that UFO sighting the women and Landrum’s 7-year-old grandson reportedly saw a large, diamond-shaped UFO in the sky. As the story goes, the UFO was shooting flames from the bottom, and when she got out to investigate the surreal UFO sighting, Becky suffered horrific burns.


According to the two women, the UFO only left the area when almost two dozen “military-type” helicopters showed up and attempted to approach it.

What do you think? Are these UFO sightings actually glimpses of extraterrestrial aircraft? Could these UFO sightings be nothing more than top-secret military drones and other experimental craft? Can we expect to see more UFO sightings as people become more dependent on their camera phones?

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