Lea Michele Leaks New Pics With Boyfriend Robert Buckley

Nothing keeps Scream Queens star Lea Michele down for long, so it may not be surprising to her closest fans that the actress has again found love, this time with iZombie‘s Robert Buckley, who plays Major Lilywhite on the CW series. While both iZombie and Scream Queens are on hiatus, Lea and Robert are working together on a new television project, Dimension 404, and the couple took some time to share pictures of themselves on set, via social media.

Dimension 404 Images Show Lea Michele And Robert Buckley Getting Cozy


Lea Michele and her new beau, Robert Buckley, are proving that the couple that works together stays together, as they take on the new Hulu series, Dimension 404, and they seem eager to share their happiness with fans. Both Lea and Robert leaked photos of themselves on the set of the fledgling series.

“Fake bus stop, real photo bomb. Good times. #Dimension404,” Buckley captioned a photo of himself with his arm wrapped around girlfriend Lea, as writer Stephen Cedars photobombs the shot.


Ms. Michele shared a photo of herself sitting on the same steps, captioning the photo to let fans know she was on the Dimension 404 set. No mention of Buckley in the picture or caption, but he may have been the one to take the picture, judging by the coy smile on Michele’s lips.


There’s little information on exactly what can be expected from Dimension 404, other than the fact that it will be a science fiction themed anthology.

“Inspired by our favorite anthologies and the notion that the web is a truly strange place where anything is possible, we’ve let our imaginations run wild and created a show that takes the viewer on a journey through the sci-fi genre; from mind-bending action-adventure to outrageous horror-comedy, Dimension 404 has it all,” series creator/executive producer/RocketJump Co-Founder Dez Dolly told Deadline.

Lea Michele Says “I’m So Happy”

Lea Michele couldn’t gush over the happiness in her life enough, and although she doesn’t mention Robert Buckley by name in the recent interview, there can be no doubt that the iZombie star is one reason for Michele to be in such an intense state of bliss.

“I just went on an amazing trip right before I get back into work. I’m really just having the best summer,” says Lea. “I’ve been working out a lot and spending time with my friends and family – really no complaints over here.”

While Lea is breaking from Scream Queens, she’s been keeping busy with new projects and not all of them are for the screen. Aside from starring in Dimension 404 with her boyfriend, Michele is also working on a new charity project. This time, Lea Michele is joining up with the Sun Chips Waves of Laughter campaign, which seeks to celebrate women in all of their unique variations, while also raising money for Step Up Women’s Network. The organization guides and encourages underprivileged women to pursue higher education and become career-minded, confident adults.

“Being unique is something that I’ve prided myself in and I also think that it’s something that has helped me get where I am today,” Ms. Michele says. “This is just been so fun and something I’m very passionate about. It’s a very easy and fun way to contribute to Step Up, which is an organization that is so near and dear to my heart as well as Sun Chips.”

On a personal note, Lea says it’s especially important to surround oneself with a supportive and trustworthy network. Ms. Michele says that adding a group of close friends to her already close knit family has helped her to develop a web of support capable of helping her get through whatever tough or stressful events might come her way.

“It’s important – you have to have a very strong circle of people around you and you have to take really good care of yourself,” says Lea Michele. “If you keep a really healthy and good balance lifestyle, it can help you through stressful work times or whatever life throws at you.”

[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]