Ohio Gun Shop Owner Ironically Killed By Student During A Concealed Carry Class

A student taking a concealed carry class accidentally shot and killed the owner of the gun shop, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. James Baker, the 64-year-old owner of KayJay Gun Shop in Amelia, Ohio, was fatally wounded when a student practicing malfunction drills accidentally discharged a weapon.

There were 10 students taking the concealed-carry class when the weapon misfired, sending the bullet straight through a wall and into the next room where Baker was hit in the neck. The well-liked gun shop owner was pronounced dead at the scene Saturday afternoon after attempts to revive him failed.

The students taking the eight-hour Ohio CCW class paid $75 for instructions on pistol safety, two hours of shooting range practice, and a two-hour review of Ohio’s concealed-carry laws. The site says classes at KayJay Gun Shop are taught by qualified instructors with law enforcement or military backgrounds. Baker was known throughout his community as a man who was adamant about safe gun ownership, but ironically lost his life in a freak accident during a firearm safety class. The sheriff’s office isn’t releasing the name of the student involved in the freak accident and so far, no charges have been filed.

Clermont County authorities are calling the death accidental, but are still investigating. James Baker’s death is a blow, not just to the community, but to law enforcement as well. Baker worked in law enforcement in the 1970s and police department employees regularly came to his shop to purchase weapons and ammo, or have their weapons serviced.

Family friends and relatives gathered in the lot in front of the store still blocked by yellow tape as the news spread to comfort each other. Anita Fritz, a neighbor who was holding a yard sale across the street from the gun store when it happened, said that he was generous enough to clear everybody’s driveway when it snowed.

“I can’t say enough about him — how much he was loved by the whole community — and we lost someone really special. He loved and wanted to protect. That’s why he did what he did.”

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KayJay offers defensive pistol and tactical rifle classes, in addition to the monthly concealed carry permit classes. It also carries a Type 07 and Type 06 federal firearms license, which allows the gun store to manufacture firearms and ammunition. The business also holds a Class 72 Special Occupation Taxpayer license, which is needed to manufacture restricted firearms and fully-automatic weapons regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934.

This is an ongoing investigation, and more information about the accidental and tragic death of KayJay Gun Shop owner James Baker will be added when it becomes available.

[Photo by Rogelio V. Solis/AP Images]