Kentucky Sells 42 Anti-Matt Bevin Songs To Fund Planned Parenthood

In the state of Kentucky, Governor Matt Bevin has made an unfavorable impression on voters since he took over the office in January. Now, Matt Bevin’s constituents are showing their contempt about his decisions that are negatively affecting Planned Parenthood with a 42-song album release comprised of musicians from the Bluegrass State.

How did Matt Bevin end up being number four on the “worst governor” list as well as the bane of abortion rights and Planned Parenthood? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a petition formed online soon after Matt Bevin was elected to have him impeached or a recall vote to be initiated.

The petition against Matt Bevin was compiled for a number of reasons excluding abortion or Planned Parenthood because he has made drastic decisions with Kentucky’s budget.

Unfortunately, despite the 15,400 signatures the petition has collected in the past months, Kentucky does not have the legal option to impeach or have a recall vote for Matt Bevin.

The alternatives seem to be a slow paper-cut death of catching Matt Bevin red-handed on crucial paperwork errors.

Matt Bevin haters are fighting back by selling music to fund Planned Parenthood
Matt Bevin's opponents in Kentucky are fighting back with music to help fund Planned Parenthood. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Currently, government officials in Kentucky, such as Attorney General Andy Beshear, are attempting to catch Matt Bevin on every mistake he makes, and a recent incident on June 16 was no exception.

According to Washington Times, it was at that time that Matt Bevin violated Kentucky’s “Open Meeting Laws” by allegedly trying to have someone Bevin fired intimidated by State Troopers at a public meeting.

Since no one has been able to remove Matt Bevin from office so far, he has been doing considerable damage to Planned Parenthood. WAVE3 stated as early as February 19 that Matt Bevin had a “personal vendetta” against Planned Parenthood, and many feel that this has continued to be true.

WLKY gave a snapshot of the events leading up to the June 18 protests surrounding abortion and Planned Parenthood. Mainly, what is still hanging in the balance in Louisville is a judge who has not made a decision about whether or not to overturn a lawsuit Matt Bevin has against places that offer abortion services, like Planned Parenthood, saying their services are “illegal.”

WHAS11 reports that Matt Bevin has had at least one victory against abortion clinics in Kentucky so far because he “won a lawsuit [on June 15], which ruled in favor of his administration’s claim against Eubanks and Marshall of Lexington to prohibit it from operating an unlicensed abortion facility.”

In the meantime, Planned Parenthood in Louisville wants the judge to toss out a lawsuit from Matt Bevin because “[a]n attorney for Planned Parenthood said Governor Matt Bevin’s administration threatened officials from University of Louisville Hospital into dropping a relationship with [Planned Parenthood].”

WDRB reports that part of the reason that there were so many protesters in Louisville on June 18 was due to the fact that the abortion clinic in Lexington, Kentucky, was permanently closed due to Matt Bevin.

Since the pro-Bevin, anti-abortion organization is accustomed to protesting each week, this meant that Louisville was the only place in Kentucky performing abortions and therefore the last resort of for the anti-choice protesters to get out their message.

Nevertheless, in order to make lemonade from a lemon like Matt Bevin, Kentucky musicians have created a way to raise money for the maligned Planned Parenthood organization.

Called We Have A Bevin Problem, the 42-song compilation on Bandcamp features long-time Kentucky musicians such as Tara Jane O’Neil, Troubadours of Divine Bliss, and Ron Whitehead.

Matt Bevin causes problems for Planned Parenthood, so Kentucky musicians make an album to fund it
The Matt Bevin album will be available on Bandcamp and will fund Planned Parenthood. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley, File)

The younger generation are also represented on the We Have A Bevin Problem album with Kentucky-based musicians such as Sheri Streeter, Heather Summers, and Andrew Rinehart.

Songs included in the anti-Matt Bevin album tell the tales of his reign so far and include “Liar,” “Evil in the Folds,” “Genuine Fake,” “We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore,” “Pour Another Drink,” “The Worst,” “Shake the Devil,” and “So Called Christian Politician.”


The album about Matt Bevin is in direct response to his attack on Planned Parenthood, and all of the proceeds raised will go to fund that organization in the state of Kentucky and Indiana. On the album website, the organizers of the anti-Matt Bevin album stated the following.

“Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the women of Kentucky have been under attack recently by men in Kentucky’s government who believe themselves to be qualified to make decisions for women regarding their bodies.”

Of course, Kentucky’s latest attempts to defeat the shenanigans of Matt Bevin with music is not the first time the state has been known for protest songs against the powers that be.

According to Appalachian State University, Kentucky’s protest music legacy had a prominent chapter around the early 1920’s. At this time, the music and lyrics were created by coal workers in East and Western Kentucky that “used songs to draw attention to and instigate reaction against poor, unsafe, and unfair working conditions and labor practices in the expanding coal mines.”

The We Have A Bevin Problem music compilation will be available for sale on June 22 at Bandcamp.

[Picture by Garry Jones/AP]