Hideo Kojima Explains Why He Chose To Partner With Sony, And The Nature Of E3 ‘Death Stranding’ Trailer

Hideo Kojima, founder of Kojima Productions, has stepped forth to answer questions that followed E3.

If you follow Hideo Kojima, then it’s no news that he has been “missing in action” since the unfortunate end to his working relationship with Japanese publisher Konami. Kojima is the creator behind the Metal Gear series, the story of “Solid Snake,” and other protagonists that fit into an epic adventure of trust, betrayal, and politics. Konami received quite a bit of backlash for the way that Kojima was treated upon his departure, but Hideo has partnered with Sony for his next project.


According to a report by Gamerant, Kojima spoke on why he partnered with Sony. There were only rumors about where he would end up for quite some time, and speculation was high on whether or not we would see Kojima again. To the surprise of many, he showed up and said a few words that sparked interest among the masses.

“I’m back,” Hideo declared.

Alongside this, Kojima released a trailer for his newest creation: Death Stranding. The game stars actor Norman Reedus, one of the main characters in the television show The Walking Dead. The trailer shows Reedus, nude and seemingly distraught, holding a child and wearing what looks to be a set of dog tags. When asked about the nature of the trailer, Kojima appeared to be cryptic and mostly quiet about what’s in store for the players. His tweets suggest quite the same, pointing to the fact that the mystery of the trailer is just what Kojima wanted.

In regards to Hideo Kojima’s partnership with Sony, his reasoning was the strength of his relationship with them. As the former Vice President of Konami, it was only natural that Kojima was approached by multiple companies. With the Metal Gear series one of the most well known titles, it’s only natural that many would seek Kojima’s talents.

“With Sony, of course I explained to them my approach, but they immediately said: ‘Go ahead, do what you gotta do’. They offer me their trust,” Kojima stated. “All the energy you need to put in the preparation of a project, I was able to focus on creating. This makes a real difference.”

Sony’s standing as a company also helped Hideo Kojima, as he states that he didn’t need to have a Kickstarter style of presenting a new game like he would have had to do with another company. His game appears to be like nothing that he has ever done before, and speculation is high as to just how Death Stranding will play.

Working with Sony, Kojima has stated that the opportunity allows him to focus more on the title and its details than other tasks that would take him away from it. According to VG247, Hideo was able to take part of the company as an opportunity to have freedom. Of course, this is necessary when you’re the mind behind a series such as Metal Gear. Kojima appears to bring a unique direction to titles, which is also why Konami received such backlash in regards to the decision of letting him go. If Kojima’s previous vision is any indication, the title will surely surprise and delight those who have been fans for a long time.


Further details about Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima also talk about how “the game has already begun,” leaving fans to figure out just what will be coming in the future as Death Stranding comes further into the light.

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[Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]