3-Yr-Old Twins Die In Parked Truck – Toddlers Found Motionless In Pickup Truck In Louisiana Pronounced Dead

Police in Louisiana have confirmed the death of three-year-old twins who were found unresponsive inside a pickup truck. Investigators assigned to the case are now trying to determine the chain of events that led to the death of these toddlers.

Three-year-old twins, identified as Oliver and Aria Orr, were discovered in an unconscious state inside a pickup truck. The brother and sister duo was rushed to a nearby hospital in a completely non-responsive state. Emergency medical personnel, who examined the kids, confirmed the grim fact that the two had been dead for some time. Autopsies on the bodies of the kids are expected to be conducted soon. Investigators are hoping the autopsies should indicate a definite a reason for the untimely death of the toddlers.

The incident occurred Saturday afternoon in the Shreveport suburb of Bossier City. The kids had gone missing, and their mother was frantically searching for them. Unable to find the helpless infants, their mother appealed to the neighbors to help her in locating them. Small search parties were formed by the community members to search the area thoroughly. The kids weren’t found even after searching the entire neighborhood.


That’s when the mother glanced upon the truck that had been parked outside their home. While the police haven’t confirmed if the truck belongs to the bereaved family, the kids were found in it shortly after 3 p.m.. Eyewitnesses described the children as completely motionless and unresponsive.

The neighbors then called 911. The dispatcher sent police and fire personnel to the scene, in the 3400 block of Horseshoe Trail. Emergency personnel then quickly extracted the twins from the pickup truck and rushed them to a local hospital, Willis Knighton-Bossier Health Center, reported the Daily Mail. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The hospital pronounced the kids dead after conducting a preliminary examination.


Bossier City police spokesman Mark Natale confirmed the sad news to KTBS-TV. However, he refrained from offering any specifics about the circumstances which led to the discovery of the twins inside the pickup truck,

“We don’t know if the children climbed in the car or if they were left in the car.”

An investigation has already been launched into the deaths of the three-year-old twins and all factors are being considered. As Natale implied, the investigators aren’t yet sure how the kids ended up in the truck. A pickup truck isn’t an easy a vehicle to get into, especially for little toddlers. As per law, these kids aren’t even allowed in the front-seated and need to be strapped into a secure baby-seat that’s further secured to the backseat using seat-belts.


While the investigators will get a clearer idea about the circumstances that led to the death of the three-year-old twins, weather might have played a major part. According to New York Daily News, National Weather Service meteorologists confirmed temperatures in Shreveport spiked beyond 90 degrees at around 1 p.m.

3-Yr-Old Twins Die In Parked Truck - Negligence Or Bad Parenting, Question Investigators
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Hot cars and careless parents have often proved deadly for helpless infants as well as pets. Quite often, pets are left to suffer in a car on a hot day. A multitude of such incidents have prompted states to consider revision in laws that permit a rescuer to smash windows and rescue those left behind in a hot car, be it an infant, dog, or such other helpless victim.

Since this is an ongoing investigation, details about the case have been kept confidential. It also means it’s unclear if the police have interviewed the mother of the three-year-old twins who died in the truck. News about the death of the three-year-old twins prompted a flood of people to send their condolences to the kids’ father on Facebook.

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