‘Alaskan Bush People’s’ Bam Brown Addresses Negative Attitude

Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People is known for the flamboyant characters of the Brown family. Made up of nine members in total, each Brown family member has their own unique characteristics that sets them apart from each other. Second to oldest son, Josh “Bam Bam” Brown, is known for being the “Negative Nancy” of the family, but recently his negative attitude has come to the forefront of the show.


On this week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People, oldest son Matt Brown set up a job with an Alaskan local to help move three large fender buoys. Matt made the decision to leave Bam out of the job and only took his two sisters, Bird and Rain, and brother, Gabe. As the group headed out on the Integrity to complete the job, Matt told his siblings how happy he was that Bam was not coming along on the trip. He noted that they had been doing nothing but butting heads on the last several jobs they had done, and he was happy to get a break from the negativity. Even Rain, the most level-headed of the siblings, mentioned it was nice to have all of the “happy” family members out on the job.

When the four Brown siblings made it to the job, they discovered they had taken on much more than they planned to. The fenders were huge and while the first one rolled down the hill into the water without issue, the other two were much more difficult and required the use of come-alongs and brute physical strength.

At one point, the Brown kids almost bottomed out the Integrity on shore as the tide quickly went out. Viewers watched as Matt began to freak out and couldn’t calm himself down enough to finish the job. Twelve-year-old Rain was the one to tell Matt to stop wasting time and get the fender buoys tied up so they didn’t ruin the Integrity. Matt’s behavior during the job only fueled the rumors that he is currently in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.


After the Brown family completed the job and were heading home on the Integrity, Matt made a comment that he actually missed having Bam on the job. It was clear to him that although Bam can certainly be extremely cautious and overbearing at times, his sense of safety and serious attitude is needed on the jobs. As Bird commented during the show, every member of the family plays a part during jobs and it doesn’t work right when they all are not there.

Later in the show, Bam can be seen working on building the family a swing set. Bam talks about how he knows his attitude has been extremely poor and negative recently, and that has to do with the fact that he will soon be going to jail. Two years ago, the Alaskan Bush People family was accused of illegally filing to receive the Permanent Fund Dividend. The PFD is a dividend given to full-time Alaskan residents. After living in Alaska for one year, residents are only required to live in the state six months out of the year. The state of Alaska claimed that between 2010 and 2013 the Brown family did not spend the required six months in the state, but still claimed the dividend. Charges were filed against six of the family members, but Billy Brown and Bam Brown made a plea deal where charges would be dropped against all other family members if Billy and Bam pled guilty to one charge each of second-degree unsworn falsification.

Bam made it clear during an interview in this week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People that he was lying when he pled guilty to this one charge and he firmly believes he did nothing wrong. Later in the show, Matt came to Bam and told him that he missed him during the job and even though they don’t always get along, he wants him there regardless.

What did you think about this week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People? Do you think Bam’s negative attitude can be attributed to his upcoming time in jail, or do you think he always has a negative attitude? Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in for the next episode of Alaskan Bush People on Friday at 9/8c on Discovery.

[Photo by @AlaskanBushPPL/Twitter]