‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Order Of Rose Ceremony Eliminations After Episode 5 Of JoJo Fletcher’s Season

One has to wonder how anyone is ever able to make a single and final decision among so many suitors in the world. In the case of JoJo Fletcher and her season on The Bachelorette, she has had 26 guys thrown at her and she has had to make her final choice of love in a hurry. It hasn’t been an easy road, but halfway through the season, she has brought the list down by a huge number, and the rose ceremony eliminations are getting shorter with each episode.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of The Bachelorette, starring JoJo Fletcher. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season rose ceremony elimination james taylor [Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images]Here are the rose ceremony eliminations for the rest of JoJo Fletcher’s season, and it’s how everything should fall. Just know that ABC could edit things in different ways and eliminations may be pushed to another episode, but this will at least let you know how the guys are going home and when.

Episode 6 — June 27

  • Wells Adams

The DJ from Nashville has made it a lot further in this season of The Bachelorette then many thought he would. His time has come, though, and JoJo has decided that he needs to head back to the booth, as they simply aren’t meant to be.

Derek Peth is sent home while on the two-on-one date with JoJo Fletcher and Chase McNary. Not much is known about this date, but Derek is on the unfortunate end of things and won’t be around any longer.

Down To Six Men

Episode 7 — June 27

  • James Taylor

The guitar-playing James Taylor will be heading home here, and that will upset a lot of fans as he’s become one of the true fan favorites. During the episode, though, Alex W. ends up getting sent home, and these two sendoffs bring JoJo to her “Final Four.”

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season rose ceremony elimination james taylor

Down To Four Men

Please note that there is scheduled to be a Fourth of July break between episodes seven and eight.

Episode 8 — July 11

  • Luke Pell

Originally, things were a bit different before this season of The Bachelorette started. Reality Steve had Luke Pell making it through the hometown dates and being one of the final three men who were going to fight for JoJo.

Somewhere along the lines of communication, things got a bit screwed up and those spoilers ended up being wrong. Some have wondered if other spoilers are wrong, but so far, things have been spot on.

Down To Three Men

Episode 9 — July 18

This is one of the episodes that the viewers look forward to the most in each season, and it’s the Fantasy Suite dates. As JoJo heads to Thailand with the final three guys, there is not a lot yet known about this episode, but one thing is certain and it’s that all three guys get their own overnight dates.

Yes, JoJo does spend the night with each of the three guys, but that’s really all that anyone has been able to find out at this time. One does have to leave, though, and JoJo will have to make that decision.

  • Chase McNary

Down To Two Men

Episode 10 — July 25

This will be the “Men Tell All” special, and it could be one of the most anticipated in the history of The Bachelorette. Most of the guys didn’t create a whole lot of drama or issues this season, but Chad Johnson really solidified himself as a true villain.

He has certainly seen himself on the show by this point as it will have been airing for over two months, but does Chad think he was over the top?

Down To Still Two Men

Episode 11 – Season Finale — August 1

This is the moment that virtually everyone has been waiting for, and it’s when JoJo Fletcher has to make her final choice between the final two guys – Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes. While some believe that Reality Steve‘s spoilers could be wrong, that remains to be seen. If they’re correct, it is going to be Jordan who she chooses and Robby is left without love.


Please note that ABC does like to pull swerves sometime and edit episodes so things may be changed up a bit. That has actually happened in both episodes three and four as the network switched things up and edited them so the rose ceremony eliminations didn’t actually happen until the beginning of each of the next week’s shows.

Sure, many may know that JoJo Fletcher is indeed engaged to Jordan Rodgers by the end of this season of The Bachelorette, but it’s still interesting to see when the other guys go home and on what episodes. There have been some major ups-and-downs on this season of the show, and it’s actually been one that is quite emotional and a bit scandalous. Many of the guys have been accused of cheating or infidelity, Jordan included, but JoJo has obviously not let that bother her.

[Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC/Getty Images]