‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers And Speculation: What’s Known So Far About The Season 18 Twists, Turns, And Mystery Houseguests?

Big Brother 18 spoilers and rumors are escalating as the premiere is now just days away. Twelve of the houseguests have been revealed, but buzz that there would be some veteran players returning has been escalating. At least two of the Season 18 players have connections to prior houseguests, and viewers are anxious to see what other twists and turns are on the way for BB18. What’s known so far about this next series offering?

As Entertainment Tonight details, two of the Season 18 Big Brother houseguests are siblings to previous players. Spoilers note that Paulie Calafiore is the older brother to Season 16 player Cody Calafiore, while Vanessa Rousso’s sister, Tiffany, will be in the house this summer, as well. Will Paulie and Tiffany reveal the connections they have, or will others figure it out on their own?

Season 18 will be the longest yet for the franchise, as the finale will take place after the houseguests have been sequestered for 99 long days. So far, 12 players have been identified, but as Big Brother Network details, spoilers indicate that there are still several people yet to be revealed.


There has been buzz swirling for months now that some previous players would compete this summer, and it looks like four houseguests are yet to be revealed. While it is just speculation at this point that those four yet-to-be-announced players are veterans, it seems pretty likely.

The latest Big Brother 18 spoiler previews that tease four mystery guests definitely have fans buzzing and that teaser doesn’t pack much of a punch if these remaining houseguests aren’t either veterans or people with a serious ability to shake up the 12 newbies. Who are the veterans rumored to be involved in this BB18 twist?

Big Brother spoiler fans are often able to pin down these returning player possibilities fairly well based on social media activity and teases, but everybody will have to wait a few more days to see where things are headed this summer. Big Brother Network details that there have been two lists swirling around, and while these are not confirmed yet, things are adding up regarding one set of rumors returnees.

One list that originally came via Reality Blurred’s spoilers detailed that Vanessa, Derrick Levasseur, Ian Terry, and Audrey Middleton would be back as coaches for BB18. Terry has said that he is not participating this summer, and fans wonder if the show would really go with Vanessa as a coach or mentor when her sister is a houseguest.

An entirely different rumored list of four coaches came via Jordan Parhar from Season 3 of Big Brother Canada, and some think this grouping could be an accurate one. Parhar’s Big Brother spoilers say that James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Frank Eudy are the four mentors set to play in BB18.

At this point, it is not known if this is a coaches twist again, like the show did a few summers back, or if there will be a different twist that incorporates four mystery houseguests. It may well be that none of these rumored eight veterans are involved, but CBS is not sharing much in the way of specifics quite yet. Big Brother has mixed up veterans and newbies more than once before, but it isn’t always a smooth ride for the players or the viewers. Will it work this time?


Additional Big Brother spoilers share that the “Battle of the Block” is gone, which is going to be a welcome change in the minds of many BB18 viewers. However, there is said to be a new competition on the way. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new competition will be shown on Sunday night’s episodes, and will happen after the nominations. It will be something entirely new that has the potential to shake up the game significantly. Will this involve the rumored coaches as many suspect will be the case?

Who do you think the remaining four mystery houseguests are for the summer? Will people figure out the sibling connections that Tiffany and Paulie have? Big Brother 18 premieres on Wednesday, June 22, and Thursday, June 23, and fans cannot wait to get started.

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