‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis’ Situation Intensifies, Elizabeth And Franco Share A Moment, And Finn Faces More Questions

What can everybody expect during the week of June 20 from General Hospital? Spoilers tease that there is quite a bit more regarding the complicated Alexis and Julian situation ahead, while viewers will see drama related to Maxie, Nathan, and Griffin, as well. Finn is facing some significant challenges, and multiple Port Charles residents will be encountering twists and turns regarding their romantic relationships.

As everybody saw on Friday, Nathan arrived at Alexis’ house to arrest her, not Julian. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will try to intervene in the situation, and SheKnows Soaps details that Alexis will stunned by how selfish Julian is being in this chaotic mess.

Julian has made a deal with Nina to ensure she helps him with his cover story regarding the night that Carlos was murdered, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Olivia may cause some challenges for him on this front. Alexis will coordinate with Diane to try to formulate a strategy regarding the case and according to Soap Central, Jordan, Sonny, and Anna will devise a plan to use Alexis to get what they want. Previews appear to tease that they may be using this arrest to try to push her to turn on Julian, but will it work?

Nina and Franco split a while ago, but General Hospital spoilers detail that she will start fantasizing about her ex and seemingly make a proposal of some sort to him. However, he will be feeling conflicted and soon viewers will see him share a kiss with Elizabeth. Some kind of strange package arrives at Crimson, and fans will see Dillon providing some support to Nina as she tries to sort through her feelings. Is there hope for a reconciliation between Nina and Franco, or will a romance develop between him and Elizabeth as many have suspected is on the horizon?

Finn’s condition is getting worse and General Hospital spoilers note that he will talk with Hayden/Rachel about this mysterious illness. He will be beckoned to the Quartermaine mansion soon, and viewers are quite curious to see where things are headed with this new doctor in town. He has been working hard to avoid answering any questions, and little has been pinned down so far regarding his background or secrets. Will he reveal anything substantial to Rachel?

Michael is said to have good news for Carly and Sonny during one of the next few episodes and General Hospital spoilers note that Sabrina will be opening up to Felix about her current situation and her worries. Morgan will reach out to Kiki and share some of his feelings with her, while Anna will consider heading out on a romantic date. Fans can surely expect some action related to Nikolas and Ava during the week of June 20, as well.

Maxie has realized that she does still want to marry Nathan, but she will have another awkward encounter with a shirtless Griffin. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are still twists and turns on the way when it comes to Maxie and Nathan’s relationship since Griffin’s connection to Nathan is yet to be revealed and Claudette is entering the picture soon.

Will a full-fledged romance soon blossom between Elizabeth and Franco? Can Alexis and Diane figure out a way to turn the tables on Julian? Will Maxie and Nathan walk down the aisle or will Griffin and Claudette end up causing complications in this relationship? The upcoming week has action on nearly every front and it is clear that plenty of shakeups are on the way for the residents of Port Charles. Spoilers tease that this summer is said to be filled with twists and turns, and fans will not want to miss what is coming up next on General Hospital.

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