WWE News: Trish Stratus Calls Divas Era Of WWE A ‘Weird Phase,’ Talks One More Match

It took plenty of criticism, but the Divas Revolution was a movement in women’s wrestling that culminated at WrestleMania 32. Stephanie McMahon’s dramatic announcement of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch paid off for those women at the “biggest WrestleMania of all-time.” To be frank, it truly began in WWE NXT when Bayley, Charlotte, Banks, and Lynch all banded together and created memorable matches for years to come.

Bayley and Banks were the first women to headline a WWE PPV or WWE special in history. Lita and Trish Stratus headlined Monday Night Raw, but Bayley and Banks truly made history. That transitioned to the main roster and despite WWE Creative butchering a few storylines, women’s wrestling is still given more time and respect on Raw and Smackdown. Charlotte is doing a great job as the Women’s champion, and her matches with Natalya were stellar.


Now, Lynch and Natalya are teaming up to face Charlotte and Dana Brooke at Money in the Bank. It will be given in the realm of 5-10 minutes to work. That’s more than what the women used to get at PPVs. Normally, they got three minutes to put together a match. Kelly Kelly, Jillian, the Bella twins and Maryse were all the WWE had. Meanwhile, Beth Phoenix and Natalya were forced to oblige.

That was the Divas Era, and it didn’t sit well with WWE fans, as well as legends in the industry. Former-WWE star Trish Stratus talked about the Divas Era of the WWE and had some choice words for the product.

They [WWE female talent] deserve to be fighting for the Women’s Championship… The Divas thing was kind of a weird phase, where it was, focus on the women [appearance] and it sucks because there were some very talented women at the time. I’m not ever going to denounce a Divas Champion, because to me, it’s still a wrestling champion.”

Her words were respectful, while also giving her opinion. Stratus began in the WWE when women like Sunny and Sable were popular. They were elegant and sexy, but weren’t respected for wrestling skills. Lita and Stratus ventured out to change that phenomena and they did. That’s why they headlined Raw. It wasn’t due to a bikini contest or pillow fight.

wwe rumors tna stars christy hemme knockout velvet sky bubba ray dudley angelina love [Image via TNA]The WWE gave the fans enough of those years after they retired. Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, and Christy Hemme were the focal point of taking advantage of women. Wrestling didn’t remain a priority like it did in the early 2000s. Now, wrestling is the main priority. That’s why fans are always wondering if there will be one more match for Stratus. She talked about the possibility of having just one more bout.

“I will never close the door if there is something that will challenge me. It would have to be a challenge to me, it would have to elevate someone else on the show and it would need to be something exciting for the fans. What do they want to see?

“They always ask who I would go back to work for and one person is Nattie. She isn’t one of the top current girls, but I never got a chance to work with her and it would be kind of dream to be able to.”

WWE’s imminent brand split will provide many wrestlers with tons of opportunities to branch out and do creative things. It’s fair to say that if Trish Stratus were to return for one more run, it would be to put over young wrestlers and help continue the greatness that is women’s wrestling. She helped start a revolution after the Attitude Era. Now, she could help make the Divas Revolution even greater.

[Image via WWE]