‘Bachelorette’ JoJo ‘Hates’ Her Ex Chad Rookstool: Is He Telling The Truth About JoJo’s Quest For Fame, Not Love?

JoJo Fletcher breaks down in tears on the June 20 episode of The Bachelorette, but it’s not because she’s upset over Chad Johnson, or one of her guy’s past infidelities. Instead, JoJo learns that her ex-boyfriend, Chad Rookstool, is talking smack about her, including some rather condemning accusations about her relationship with Bachelor Ben Higgins and her quest for fame, not love, on the Bachelorette.

How much of Chad Rookstool’s story is true, and why does JoJo feel the need to talk to her guys about the ex that she says she “hates” so much? Here’s what Chad has to say about JoJo, and a look ahead at what viewers can expect when JoJo tries to defend herself on Episode 5 of The Bachelorette.

In the video above, JoJo cries and says “I hate him,” and while many viewers aren’t quite sure who she’s talking about, Reality Steve states that this is when JoJo learns that Chad has spoken to In Touch about his relationship with her and her motives for taking the Bachelorette gig.

When filming for the Bachelorette got underway in March, Chad told In Touch that he rekindled his relationship with JoJo last November right after Ben Higgins left her in tears at the final rose ceremony.

Rookstool, who owns a hair salon in Dallas, claims that not only were they “intimate” while the Bachelor was airing, they had to “sneak around” so fans wouldn’t find out that Ben didn’t pick JoJo.

He went on to say that she admitted to him that her relationship with Ben was “only for TV,” and although she “got sucked up in the show,” she did not have “legit feelings” for the Bachelor.

“When she got home, she kept telling me she loved me and that we should have stayed together and fought through our issues. She said we would’ve been married by now, and I agreed with her.”

Four months after she returned from filming the Bachelor, Chad told In Touch that JoJo revealed she was taking the Bachelorette gig, but said she “wasn’t saying goodbye forever.” He was convinced she went on the show for “career purposes” and was picked because her brother, Ben Patton, is friends with one of the show’s producers.

In the video preview above, JoJo is distraught after learning about Chad’s interview with In Touch. She states that for Chad to say that she never really loved Ben Higgins “pisses her the f**k off,” because her relationship with the Bachelor was “the truest form of love.”

According to Reality Steve, JoJo told her 11 remaining guys about Chad’s accusations in Uruguay when they were filming Episode 5. Although previews will lead viewers to believe that the guys will question if JoJo is there for the right reasons, they will support her instead, and will continue to suck up to her for a rose.

Is any of what Chad said about JoJo true? Although JoJo has denied everything, there is speculation that while she may be looking for her one true love, she is also interested in boosting her career opportunities like just about anyone who is a cast member or lead in the Bachelor franchise.

“I’ve heard mixed reaction[s] when it comes to JoJo and her motives, but that’s really nothing new,” Reality Steve writes. “ALL these leads take the gig because they know it can lead to something bigger and better in the future. She’s no different than the rest of them. I have a feeling she’ll have the most successful post-Bachelorette career of anyone who ever had that role.”

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[Image via Chad Rookstool/Instagram]