Kim Kardashian: Want Her Famous Butt? Now You Can Own It And Gift It

Kim Kardashian is going to spice up gift -giving, and make you think of her and her attention-getting antics even more by plastering emojis that are some of her most popular onto gift wrap. The paper will even have the Kim butt emoji in multiple skin tones, in addition to the word “bae,” her Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring, and her famous crying face.

Cosmopolitan shares how you can get your hands on the paper.

“[E]ach roll can be purchased through her app and costs $35… You can also buy other kimoji merch—including cell phone cases that say ‘lit’ and ‘send nudes.’ CLASSIC KIM(OJI)!”

At $35 the price is a little steep for gift wrap, but it could at least act as a gift itself! Give the gift of Kim’s rear.

Kimoji wrapping paper launching today on my app and

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Kim is clearly proud of her assets. The star has no problem showing it all for whichever publication will give her the opportunity to up her follower game on social media by stripping down for a cover shot or inside spread. This time it’s not surprising that GQ has called upon Kim to reveal her post-baby bod that the star has worked hard to tone.

GQ ???? Mert & Marcus

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The photos see the star nude on a bed once again, while others show Kardashian in lingerie. Of course, the interview with the star involves a lot of talk about motherhood and her rapper hubby, Kanye.

Kardashian, whether people want to believe it or not, is the most popular woman in the world and probably the most ridiculous part is that she’s simply famous for drawing attention to herself, not for actually having done something remarkable other than a budget sex tape. GQ notes this fact within their interview with the mother of two.

“It is Kim Kardashian West’s full-time job to make you feel privy to her secrets—that you are getting to see (or gently squeeze) a very special part of her enchanted world.”

The reality star, as the publication notes, makes a life out of living her days in front of a captive audience who are drawn into this wealthy 35-year-old’s fairy tale world that by time gets a little X-rated as opposed to PG.

Most of her famous life is recorded on Snapchat for the world to see, and GQ makes note of the “sets” that the celebrity uses for her communication with her millions of fans and followers.

“Because Kim Kardashian West’s entire existence serves as a source of cross-platform entertainment, it might be helpful to think of those places she visits most often as ‘sets.’ Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 11,000-square-foot Bel Air home is the set where the bulk of her Snapchat videos are recorded. (Her mother’s home, in Calabasas, is the set most recognizable to TV viewers; although Kim is frequently depicted hanging out in the kitchen, she no longer lives there.)”

Kardashian has been the Queen Bee of her famous reality star family, but she’s got some competition closing in on her royal status, mainly from youngest sister Kylie Jenner, who has not only gained a huge following that has rivaled Kim’s by posting explicit selfies, but because she has used entrepreneurial skills targeted at her own age demographic.

Kardashian’s other siblings seem to have accepted the fact that Kim rules supreme and they all seem to keep the peace. However, brother Rob Kardashian has brought a new woman on the scene that has caused tensions to run high in the famous family. Kim shares about the family’s perception of Blac Chyna now, after months of her brother and Chyna being a couple.

“We’re all on board. We definitely see that my brother is happy and getting healthy, and whatever gets him to that place, you know, we’re happy for him.”

No matter what the drama in the family, they do always seem to stick together.

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