Exclusive: ‘Big Brother’ 15 Houseguest Nick Uhas Offers Thoughts, Predictions About BB18 Cast And Which Players Could Return

Although Nick Uhas was basically blindsided by a backdoor eviction during the second week of Big Brother 15, his essence remained in the hearts and minds of viewers due to the strong impression he made in the house. He garnered the affection of some female houseguests, while earning the avid respect of a majority of the cast members as part of the “Moving Company” alliance.


Nick graciously agreed to exclusively speak with me and offer his witty, intelligent thoughts on the new Big Brother 18 houseguests, by providing some educated, apt predictions about what may happen in the game this season. In addition, with all the rampant speculation abounding on the Internet about returning coaches, Nick has provided his ideas about which four mystery veteran cast members may return to the Big Brother game.

I asked Nick what his thoughts were on the new Big Brother 18 houseguests and, with conciseness and finesse, he had the following to offer on each.

Paul Abrahamian, 23: I am placing him 50/50 that he will be pre-jury. He already started off his interview with “smooth as ice,” which is an indication to me the producers are feeding him lines. And while I may be way off on this, the one thing I am certain about is that his youth and motive to “be crazy” and “entertaining” in the house for experience purpose alone will land him in hot water quickly. His overall attitude is too apathetic and not “cut-throat” enough to considered a top three contender!

Victor Arroyo, 25: He admits he’s not a super fan which makes me think he is the group of casted BB players. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but will most likely hurt his game as it doesn’t allow the entire knowledge of the game to be played in real time. It kind of sounds like I’m talking about the “force” here from Star Wars — and in many ways knowledge of the BB game is like the force. There is a Dark Side (Sith) and Good Side (Jedi), but to really win the game you have to be able to exercise both — which basically makes you Darth Vader. Back to Victor. He’s a good looking guy, and will do well with the female players but he answered Jeff’s question in his interview about wanting America to love him over winning the money. This says everything. He will most likely end up in pre-jury if he can’t get a hold of a solid alliance after Week 2.

Corey Brooks, 25: This guy reminds me so much of Clay Honeycutt (super fans spitting coffee directly out of mouth as I said that). They don’t look the same other than being ripped! But they both have that All-American attitude where they are willing to fall on a blade to do the right thing. I think his good looks and personality will get him just past jury, but he will self sacrifice Jedi style before he makes it to the top 3.

Paulie Califiore, 27, brother of BB16’s Cody Califiore: I love this guy already. For one, he’s a good looking guy who knows how to talk to people so I am already interested in how he will play the game. I think of all the players he has the right focus for the “fame/money” balance — which is basically “go for the money, figure out the fame later.” For this reason I am rooting for Paulie!

Bronte D’Acquisto, 26: She is a self-proclaimed mathematician who had a little trouble with 9×9 when talking to Jeff. I think she will do well because she is bubbly and appears to be very logical. If she makes it past the first two weeks I think she will make it in the top five by being the best floater in the house.

Bridgette Dunning, 24: I have Bridgette placed smack in the middle of pre-jury. Her interaction with Jeff told me she might not be the most versed in new social situations. While this is a snap judgment the game demands quick fabricated responses that I am not sure she will be able to manufacture at the drop of a hat. I also think her knowledge of the game is pretty low. She will be fun to watch, but I don’t think she will be around for long.

Zakiyah Everette, 24: I love this player. Her knowledge of the game is far reaching as she said she has seen as far back as Season 3 and laid some information down making me believe her. She is well spoken and will do very well unless she get’s Da’Vonne syndrome and melts down with paranoia because she knows how ruthless the game can really get!

Jozea Flores, 25: Many people are turned off by this player’s overconfidence, but I think it’s what will makes him strong in the house. If he can adapt quickly (like I didn’t) he will go very far, and for this reason I have him in my top 3!

Glenn Garcia, 50: Gone. I have him pre-jury as I think the house will reject him as an older, wiser outsider. If he does make it past jury he won’t win. With most house guests watching Season 16 and 17 in sequester, they will be on the lookout for an undercover cop — of which he is.

Michelle Meyer, 23: She struck me as a real fan of the show and for this reason I think she will go far. I have her in the upper jury spots. She also looks strikingly similar to Nicole from BB16.

Natalie Negrotti, 26: This girl is pretty, very pretty. If she can cause some of the boys to swoon and keep her around she will last past the first two weeks. If not I think there is a slim chance for her to make it to jury.

Tiffany Rousso, 32, sister of BB17’s Vanessa Rousso: This person, thinks, talk and looks like Vanessa! This makes me believe she will go very, very far, even if she must fight an uphill battle due to being a BB alumnus sibling. I have her placed in my top 3!

Nick also made some predictions about some designations or labels that may befall these Big Brother 18 newbies. According to Nick’s best, and wittiest estimations, these are:

First to be Voted Out: Paul or Natalie

First to Hook Up: Glenn (just kidding, but would be insane to see this happen)

Biggest Floater: Bronte (she needs to stay in the game)

Top 3: Tiffany, Jozea, and Michelle

Biggest “Jace:” Paul

America’s Favorite Player: Paulie

Nick went on to speculate who the other four Big Brother 18 houseguests are likely to be, as rumors are swirling all over social media regarding a coach season. Nick made his best guesses, asserting the following.

“With confidence I can tell you I am not one of them — but I think we all saw that coming. What we didn’t see coming is the 4 that are rumored to be on the show! They are, Big Brother 14‘s Frank Eudy, Big Brother 16‘s Nicole Franzel, Big Brother 17‘s Da’Vonne Rogers and Big Brother 17’s James Huling — I must say, I loved watching Frank and wanted him to go farther with Boogie … but the others are just so random it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around! For this reason I am going to just say four players that it might be, but this is wild speculation : Hulk Hogan, Pauly Shore, Carrot Top, Oscar The Grouch — All of these players need a media re-boot and there is no doubt Big Brother would give that to them — expect the unexpected!!!”

Nick and his talented cousin, actor and TV host Kevin Campbell, have produced several YouTube videos about Big Brother, offering intelligent, funny, entertaining commentary on the cast and the show.

Actor Kevin Campbell gives his opinions and thoughts on the Big Brother 18 cast. [Photo by Kevin Campbell]Kevin was also kind enough to offer his opinion regarding Big Brother 18 houseguests, as well as returning players.

Kevin stated the following.

“I’ve heard rumblings of a sibling twist, but I’m going to assume that the twist is that Paulie and Tiffany are in the house. CBS has siblings in the house last year, so I thinking that it wouldn’t make sense to bring Cody and Vanessa back as well. I would also be surprised if any winners come back into the house. I feel like they usually save that for All Star seasons.”

The following is according to Kevin.

“They brought back coaches in Season 14 (pulled from previous seasons), so I’m going to assume that the new coaches are pulled from Seasons 15 – 17 — That leaves us with memorable players, but ones that were in the game long enough to potentially earn credibility as coaches. Honestly, Big Brother hasn’t brought back a collection of houseguests who were voted America’s Favorite Player, so I’m leaning hard in that direction. I’ll call it, cleverly enough: America’s Favorite Twist.”

Kevin noted it is impossible to know exactly what CBS will decide to do regarding returning players, but he put together a list of potential returnees, which are as follows:

The three players voted America’s Favorite in BB15 through BB17.

Elissa Slater, BB15: America’s favorite player, performed well.

Donny Thompson, BB16: America’s favorite player, unassuming and extremely popular.

James Huling, BB17: America’s favorite player, funny, popular and memorable.

Kevin further surmised the fourth returning player or coach could possibly be one of the following.

Caleb Reynolds, BB16: Popular, entertaining and played the game very well.

Johnny “Mac” McGuire, BB17: America loved him and he went deep in the game.

Frankie Grande, BB16: America enjoyed him and his continued status with his celebrity sister.

Of course, all of this is fun speculation and nothing is set in stone until Big Brother 18 premieres on Wednesday, June 22, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

In the meantime, career wise, Nick has moved on and up from his BB15 houseguest status, and is now one of the hosts of the TV show FabLab, a science-based series on Fox.

Furthermore, in April, Nick was invited to attend the White House Science Fair, where he met and interviewed Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” and recently Nick published an article about the importance of inspiring students to study science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Nick was also asked to be a panelist at the ISTE convention to speak about the importance of STEM.

Besides the NickUhas2 YouTube channel where Nick and Kevin offer must-see banter about Big Brother, Nick also has a science-themed YouTube channel, Nickipedia, on which he does wild and crazy experiments that are both entertaining and educational. Due to the success of Nickipedia, Nick has made several appearances on the Today show both in the states and in Australia, and has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show.

[Photo by Nick Uhas]