Anna Duggar Blindsided By Josh Duggar As New Molestation Victim Comes Forward

Anna Duggar had been through a lot over the last year. While she was aware of Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal with his sisters, she was unaware of what else would be revealed as 2015 progressed. During the time of the Duggar downfall, Anna was pregnant with her fourth child. After reliving the teenage molestation scandal alongside her husband, Duggar was blindsided by infidelity claims. Josh Duggar was registered with Ashley Madison and when the names of the clients were released, his cover was blown. Anna had a big decision to make, and she chose to remain by her husband’s side.

Because Anna Duggar was raised in a faith-based home, she has chosen to stay married to Josh Duggar. If she had chosen the route of divorce, she had biblical grounds. Since Josh went off to a rehab in Rockford, Illinois, the Duggar family seems to think he is cured. He has been home with Anna and his children for a few months now and has been working on scoring another reality show. According to Starcasm, Anna Duggar was blindsided by another victim coming forward. A young woman has made allegations that she was molested by Josh Duggar when she was a teenager. She belongs to a family known by the Duggars, which likely means she was raised in a similar manner. As of now these claims have not been proven, they are only allegations.

Since the initial scandal was revealed last year, Anna Duggar has had to deal with plenty of criticism. She basically stayed in hiding while all of this was going down because she was pregnant with her daughter Meredith. Fans have stood behind the Duggar family, giving Anna plenty of prayers and sympathy. The haters have been out in full force and are still commenting on the situation with Josh Duggar and his sisters.

Since this scandal led to Jill & Jessa: Counting On being picked up, the Duggar family figured they were in the clear. Anna appeared in several episodes, including one where she talks about visiting Josh in rehab. When she explains how much he missed his siblings, there were mixed reactions. While Anna Duggar has forgiven her husband, it doesn’t appear that everyone in the family has completely.

With the newest allegations, Anna Duggar is put into a tough spot. She will have to consider her marriage once again and decide whether or not she will stand behind her husband. The Duggars have not issued a statement on the latest claims, but it is likely they have contacted the family. Anna knows how much family means to them and they have helped to support her while Josh was in rehab getting the help he needed.

Some fans have urged Anna to walk away from Josh Duggar and raise her children on her own. Since infidelity happened, she has biblical grounds for divorce and wouldn’t have to feel guilty for walking away. Duggar has a lot to think about and with the media involved once again, the entire family is in danger of losing their show. TLC has not announced a second season for Jill & Jessa: Counting On, and this could definitely halt it.

The allegations are brand new and Anna Duggar is still processing the latest round of hurt being tossed her way. Josh Duggar hasn’t commented and likely won’t even address the situation. Anna is going to have to decide if living her life like this is worth it and either move forward with Josh or move on. With all of the heartache the last year has brought for Anna Duggar, she deserves a small break from life even if only for a few days.

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