Jimmy Butler Believes He And Derrick Rose Will Be Unstoppable

Jimmy Butler has big plans next season. The two-time all-star Chicago Bulls’ guard believes he and fellow backcourt mate Derrick Rose will be hard to stop next season. Will the Chicago Bulls keep Butler and Rose together long enough for that to happen?

NBA trade rumors have teams putting together offers for Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose. Many of those trade rumors will continue until August or September. With the NBA Draft just a few days away, trade rumors will continue to bubble up to the surface.

The Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves want Jimmy Butler.

According ESPN, Derrick Rose is a wanted man in New York. It appears that Jimmy Butler wants Derrick Rose to stay with the Bulls.


CSN Chicago released an interview from Bill Simmons’ podcast, Butler told the HBO personality that he and Rose will be “unguardable” once the new season begins.

“I think us being one in the same player, maybe I’m a little taller, he’s a little faster, we can both attack the rim. We can both beat our guy and then get shots for other players. Finish at the rim, midrange and we can both really guard to tell you truth. Get out in the open floor. There are so many things that we have in common that when we utilize those things and play together like that, I think we can be just as unguardable as anybody else.”

Jimmy Butler went on to speak as if he and Derrick Rose will be in the Chicago Bulls’ lineup next season.

“I think that we will see that this upcoming season. Actually, I know that’s what I will see, you will see, everybody see.”

It is safe to say that Butler has paid no mind to the NBA trade rumors that has involved him and a couple of his Bulls’ teammates. Butler must have ignored the reports of teams clamoring for him. Butler did not hear of the stories about Derrick Rose being on the trade block.

Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls’ guard Jimmy Butler believes that he is one-half of a backcourt that can be unstoppable next season. [Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]If the Bulls decide to keep Butler and Rose together, they can temporarily right the ship.

Another year under his belt will help Jimmy Butler, as he continues the transition from role player to leader of the Bulls. How he handled adversity this past season was a blueprint for how not to do it. Last season included Butler calling out Bulls’ coach Fred Hoiberg, nearly getting into a fist fight with center Joakim Noah and other low points. It calls for a change. One part of change must take place with how Butler and Rose gets along on the basketball court.

If he stays on the Bulls, Derrick Rose cannot get caught up in playing for a new contract. He can be motivated to achieve several milestones, but it cannot come at the expense of the Bulls. Rose must play team basketball.


In Jimmy Butler’s case, he will have to lead the Bulls by example. Coming out and showing some support for Rose is a good way to mend fences. Even if the Chicago Bulls decide to trade one or the other, that is a start. Now the question is, what will the Bulls decide to do with Butler and Rose?

It is a great possibility that one of them gets traded between now and August. There is also a chance that neither of them will get moved. If that winds up the case, it is the hope of the Chicago Bulls that Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose become “unguardable.” It will signal that the Bulls have returned to the playoffs and have reinserted themselves as contenders once again.

[Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images]