Xbox 360 autographed by Sarah Palin going for a million bucks

Doggone it, here’s something. Ebay seller dmorrill123 has a luxury item that most of us Joe Six-packs might struggle to afford: a Sarah Palin-signed Xbox 360. The starting bid? A snip at $1.1 million. *winks*

“The infamous Sarah Palin XBOX 360 was autographed at the governors [sic] picnic on July 24, 2009, in Wasilla, Alaska, just two days before her resignation as governor of that state. You can own this 60GB, perfect-condition, one-of-a-kind item before her expected run for president of the United States of America in 2012.”

dmorrill provides photographic proof of his encounter with Palin (below), but whether or not the former Alaska Governor signed it is not the issue here. The issue is: one point one million bucks lolwut? That’s 3,666 new 60GB Xbox 360s, minus some sharpie ink. Plus a game or two, probably.

If this is a fake (and despite the obviously ludicrous price, I have a hunch it’s the real thing), then the seller at least did his research – Palin was at the governors’ picnic on the day the advert states.


[Ebay, via Kotaku]