Nancy Kissel, Tami Duvall: Poison Milkshake, Pudding Murderers Profiled On Oxygen’s ‘Snapped’

Nancy Kissel and Tami Duvall were two deadly women who will both have their stories profiled on a new episode of Snapped. In this special double feature titled, “Poisonous Love,” Snapped producers will bring you the story of two cunning wives who used poison to murder their husbands. These stories of murder will be told by detectives who worked on the case and by friends and family members. Also, expect some video footage from the police interrogation and photos of the crime scenes in both cases.

Nancy Kissel Killed Husband Robert ‘Rob’ Kissel By Putting Poison In His Milkshake

In Hong Kong in 2003, wealthy businessman Rob Kissel was found dead in the basement of his swanky high-rise apartment. Hong Kong officials had been looking for him since he had missed four days of work, something that was out of the ordinary for him, according to friends who described Kissel as a workaholic.

His wife, Nancy Kissel pretended that she knew nothing about his whereabouts and stated that the last time she saw Rob Kissel was when they had a terrible argument, causing Rob to leave the residence. Police detectives were troubled by Nancy Kissel’s demeanor, which seemed cool and distant, prompting them to search the $20,000-a-month home. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and it didn’t appear that any foul play had taken place there.

However, detectives made a grisly discovery when they went down to the building’s basement. The horrible stench led them to the body of Rob Kissel, which had been rolled up in a carpet. An autopsy report stated that Rob Kissel had been poisoned. At trial, it was determined that Nancy Kissel had poisoned her husband’s strawberry milkshake before bludgeoning him to death.

Nancy Kissel received life in prison for her crime. Rob Kissel’s brother, Andrew Kissel, was also murdered in his home in 2006. A Lifetime movie was made about their lives titled, The Two Mr. Kissels.

Tami Duvall’s Delicious Homemade Pudding Was Deadly

In the second story, you’ll hear details about the murder of Alan Duvall, the Columbus, Indiana, man who was found dead in his chair in the backyard of his home. His wife, Tami Duvall, a nurse’s assistant, made the call to 911, indicating that she believed her husband was dead. When police arrived at the Lakecrest Drive home, they found 62-year-old Alan Duvall slumped in his chair. It appeared that his death was from natural causes. However, Alan Duvall, who was still in physically good shape, didn’t have any major health problems.

Family members of Alan Duvall immediately alerted police to take a closer look at his death, especially since Tami Duvall was trying desperately to have the body cremated.

Tami Duvall’s ex-husband, Don Engleman also contacted police, stating that Tami Duvall was a shrewd and seductive woman, according to Crime Watch Daily. He also told them that Tami Duvall was having an affair with an insurance man, a fact that intrigued police detectives. The investigation revealed that Tami and Alan were separated at the time of his death, but at some point the night before, he came to the home. They also learned that a month prior to his death, Tami Duvall had her lover write up at $100,000 insurance policy on Alan. Alan’s family tried to convince him that something was wrong.

In the end, the evidence revealed that Tami Duvall had used stolen morphine and muscle relaxants to poison Alan Duvall’s pudding. It took detectives three years to solve the case. An Indiana jury found Tami Duvall guilty and sentenced her to 60 years in prison.

To catch this week’s Snapped, tune in this Sunday, June 19, at 9/8 p.m. central on Oxygen. In the Snapped episode last Sunday, they profiled the case of Teresa Burousas.

[Photo by Vincent Yu, File/AP]