June 19, 2016
Pat Haden Made $2.4M From A Part Time Job? How The USC Athletic Director And Family Made Major Cash From Working One Hour A Week

Outgoing USC athletic director Pat Haden, his daughter, and sister-in-law, have managed to earn $2.4 million from just working a part-time job.

But not just any part time -- the trio earned about $2.4 million working for the George Henry Mayr Foundation. Not bad for working under 40 hours a week.

According to ABC News, The George Henry Mayr Foundation funds scholarships to needy individuals. Haden and his family miraculously managed to make major contributions to the organization as part time workers -- until you truly look at the hour worked.

Pat, his daughter Natalie, and sister-in-law Catherine -- reportedly worked as little as one hour per week for the organization, yet still raked in major cash.

The family's part time positions which were valued at $2.4 million, were investigated by the Los Angeles Times. The L.A. Times released the foundation's federal tax returns from 1999 to 2014.

This is where they found that the soon-to-be-former USC Athletic director and family had minimal part-time roles, yet managed to make $2.4 million altogether.

In light of this troubling discovery at his part-time job, Haden will be stepping down from his full-time job as athletic director at USC, into a new role effective June 30.

After stepping down, Haden will guide the renovation of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before fully retiring.

Sources claim that about half of the money Haden made while earning $2.4 million at his part-time job, went into his own pocket.

Haden became the board chairman of the Mayr Foundation in 1999. He was not exempt from board fees, which were reportedly up to $84,000, however he was significantly reimbursed for his fees, being paid $72,725 in 2014.

According to ABC News, that amount is far too much for any foundation to pay themselves.

Olsen, 59, his sister-in-law, reportedly made more than $750,000 since 2000 since serving as a foundation director.

Haden's daughter, O'Connor, 37, on the other hand gained a hefty $470,000 since 2005 under multiple titles according to tax records. In addition to director, titles her father and aunt worked under, she also used the titles "director/secretary" or "administrative worker" to boot.

In 2014 alone, all three received a combined $244,ooo as scholarships were distributed to underprivileged students seeking to attend a university in the state of California with a decreased budget of $645,000 with the Mayr Foundation being valued at $25 million.

Haden's spokesman gave a statement in his defense regarding his part-time job which he earned $2.4 million from. O'Connor and Olson have yet to give public statements on the issue.


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Reports have already emerged in April naming Hall of Famer Lynn Swann as USC's new athletic director effective July 1.

In another L.A. Times report, Haden was named the country's highest-paid athletic director reportedly making at least $2.5 million in salary and benefits -- $2.4 million part-time job aside.

Before becoming the athletic director of USC and working a $2.4 million part-time job, Haden was a USC student-athlete himself, whom he now directs.

Haden played quarterback for the USC Trojans before leading the entire department. During his five-year tenure, he was tasked with bringing USC back to prominence after inheriting the crippling penalties placed on the USC athletic program thanks to the Reggie Bush scandal.

University President C.L. Max Nikias praised Haden's "Herculean effort" to rebuild the department in the aftermath.

"Our campus now bears Pat's stamp in perpetuity," Nikias wrote of Haden.

What do you think Haden and his family making $2.4 million from a part-time job? Were they a little too charitable to themselves?

[Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images]