Jennifer Lawrence Getting Kicked Out Of Her Apartment? Why We Love Her

Jennifer Lawrence is apparently homeless. Well, for the time being while she is filming in Montreal, anyway. The star was reportedly not able to stay at a certain locale anymore, and as MTL Blog relays, the Joy star is now apartment hunting for a short-term place.

Lawrence has reportedly been living in Montreal for the past couple of weeks. The purpose for her visit to the Canadian city is to do camera and wardrobe tests for a new film that is yet to be titled by Darren Aronofsky. This gig will reportedly keep the star in town for at least three months. Lawrence has been spotted dining in a couple of the downtown top restaurants of the city and will likely be spotted apartment hunting soon.

The reason for Lawrence's uncertain living situation has to do with a misunderstanding about a rental agreement. The company Day 6 Film rented out an apartment for Jennifer for three months; however, the condo association has a problem with this seeing as they do not allow rental agreements that are less than a year.

MTL Blog notes the reason for the mix-up.

"The owners of the apartment had lied and said their 'actor cousin' was going to be living there for a few months, but when the body guards, the chauffeurs, the butler and the personal secretary showed up, the other owners quickly realized who was actually living there.. The condo association also claims that this rental is technically for a commercial purpose so they filed an injunction to have Jennifer Lawrence evicted. Though I'm sure she won't have any trouble finding a place to stay."
The star likely won't have any trouble finding a suitable pad for three months time in MTL. However, these sorts of stories are what make Lawrence even more endearing. The fact that she just comes across as being so normal and that she has these types of situation that any average Joe would have, and probably laughed it off while continuing on as her ultra cool self, makes her even more lovable.

The actress is simply the whole package when it comes to being a celebrity and a human being. She shines and makes everyone smile around her, from what can be witnessed during events and interviews among co-stars and hosts. As Movie News Guide relays, Lawrence simply knows how to make us love her.

"What makes a person shine is not their success- it is their ability to stay comfortable in their own skin. Jennifer Lawrence is a person just like that. She doesn't feel the need to fit in any mould and she is seen having fun while doing her job. Probably, this could be the reason why she rules the hearts of so many people!"
Jen has made herself an advocate in regard to a number of issues, even when she was put in a vulnerable situation. When nude pictures were leaked of the star, she handled the situation with poise while being open about how terrible this situation impacted her. When she was named the highest-paid actress yet still received millions less than male co-stars, she spoke up about the gender pay gap, and when she was characterized as being curvy and plus size, Lawrence demanded there be a "new normal" standard set to shut down this unhealthy view.The star can take on a serious issue and speak intelligently or pen a well-written essay about it, then nail a stunning performance onscreen, while cracking up her co-stars with nonsense jokes and antics. She's an ultimate girls girl and can run with the boys. She's simply adored and it's no wonder.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]