Michelle Collins Out At 'The View' After Only One Season

Michelle Collins was added to The View last season as a regular co-host. She had previously stepped in to fill slots that were vacant when Rosie O'Donnell quit. Collins rotated with several other celebrity guest co-hosts and was asked to officially join the round table for Season 19. Despite having a good couple of months, viewers saw less and less of Collins as time went on. Some of her comments were offensive, and it appeared that her humor was not going over well with viewers.

It has been quite some time since Michelle Collins was seated at the table with the ladies, and she was regularly on last year. There have been two other ladies filling in at the table on The View, which prompted questions about where Collins had been.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Collins was let go from The View. There were no details given, but an email sent by the executive producer was released Thursday night. Collins had remained silent about the situation, but released a statement about her time on The View and personally thanked Whoopi Goldberg for always having her back. Speculation has been that Collins was fighting to remain a part of the show and Goldberg went to bat for her. While that has not been confirmed, it is definitely a possibility.

There may be big things ahead for Michelle Collins. In her statement about departing from The View, she mentioned there was stuff ahead and to stay tuned. She is a comedienne, so something to do with comedy would be a good place for her. Talking hot topics just didn't jive with who she was and when she offended people, it became a problem for the ABC network. The View has had a rough time keeping their co-hosts around, with Joy Behar being the most familiar face on the panel. She left and returned after a short while, but all of the other ladies have only been around for one season or just slightly longer.

Much of what Michelle Collins talked about was being a Bachelor super fan. She was able to comment throughout the season, and fans are missing that while the Bachelorette is currently airing. The email sent out Thursday indicated that Collins would be in the office during the upcoming week, which will allow for her to say goodbye to her colleagues and friends. Collins and Raven-Symone appeared to be close, which will be hard on each of them. Fans are hoping The View will give Collins the chance to also say goodbye while on the air, but that has not been confirmed. Despite the awkward way she sat at the table, there will be viewers who will miss her.

What is next for Michelle Collins is unknown. This won't be the last we see of her, but where she is headed has yet to be disclosed. Her termination from The View isn't shocking, but it was a little disappointing. The network waited several weeks before making an official announcement regarding her departure. Some fans are angry about the way things went down, especially since Collins just stopped appearing at the table and two other women were filling in more and more frequently.

When ABC announced that Collins was hired along with Candace Cameron Bure for Season 19, there were questions about how it would all work. There were more bodies hired than there were seats. Rotating Collins with another co-host was a good idea, but fans weren't able to connect with her like they could some of the other ladies. Michelle Collins is officially out of the door at The View, and her future plans have yet to be revealed.

[Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]