‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: Classic Good Vs Evil In This Sunday’s Epic ‘Battle Of The Bastards’

This Sunday, HBO will air the ninth episode of Season 6 of Game of Thrones. The episode is titled “Battle of the Bastards.” Like the penultimate episodes of Season 2, “Blackwater,” and Season 4, “Watchers on the Wall,” this one will include a milestone battle. Unlike those, however, this Game of Thrones battle does not appear in the books upon which the series is based, so no one knows the outcome. This Game of Thrones conflict is between bastards Jon Snow, the “good guy” if you will, and the evil and cruel Ramsay Bolton, bastard son of Roose Bolton. It has been touted as the greatest Game of Thrones battle scene to date, and that’s saying something.

We’re about to dive into some spoilers and speculations about this Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. Stop reading now if you don’t want any hints at what may be coming.

Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards [Photo courtesy of HBO]No one really expects Game of Thrones series writers to kill off Jon Snow, but just how this epic battle will play out is unknown. The people over at Vox are among those predicting that Littlefinger and the knights of the Vale will show up to help the small Stark army in the face-off between the bastard sons. In last week’s Game of Thrones episode, Sansa wrote a letter to someone without Jon’s knowledge. The show didn’t reveal to whom the letter was written, but Reddit user CreepyPancakes did some work on a screenshot of the letter and was able to decipher enough of it to reveal that its recipient is likely Littlefinger. Here is what was able to be deciphered in this secret Game of Thrones letter.

“[…] to protect me. Now you have a chance to fulfill your promise. […] Knights of the Vale are under your command. Ride north for Winterfell. Lend us your aid and I shall see to it that you are […] rewarded.”

Game of Thrones Sansa and Jon Battle of the Bastards [Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO]Since it’s highly unlikely that Jon Snow will die in this Game of Thrones battle, we can probably expect to see Ramsay Bolton die at the hand of Snow. As Sansa reminded him in a previous episode, however, Jon doesn’t know Ramsay. He knows of his reputation, but he has never personally interacted with him. Jon Snow is a changed man since coming back from the dead in a Game of Thrones scene that made viewers literally gasp as he drew a breath from his resurrected body. He is tired of violence and killing. He looks tired and is willing to engage in this battle only because he needs to reclaim his family’s home. If he is going to kill Ramsay, something will have to happen to light a fire in him. It’s widely believed that this “something” will be another in a string of heartbreaking blows to the Stark family. Jon Snow’s murder of Ramsay Bolton, a sight that will have Game of Thrones viewers cheering, is likely to be fueled by anger over Bolton’s murder of Rickon Stark, the brother of Sansa and Jon. So we’re likely to be left feeling both angry and sad.

Game of Thrones viewers will ride a rollercoaster of emotions as war-weary Jon Snow kills the sadistic and villainous Ramsay Bolton, fueled by fury over the murder of his brother Rickon. Adding to the “Battle of the Bastards” experience will be a massive budget and a huge cast of people, horses, and equipment that were required to create this epic Game of Thrones battle.

Entertainment Weekly provided numbers on what it took to make this Game of Thrones episode happen. Among them were 600 crew members, 500 extras, 160 tons of gravel so the 70 horses could walk on the rain-soaked ground without fear or risk of injury, 25 stunt men and women, 25 shooting days, and four camera crews. Bring it!

Check out the trailer below!

[Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO]