Blac Chyna Shows Off New Piercing And Growing Baby Bump As She Films Chyna And Rob Show

Blac Chyna isn't letting her pregnancy stop her from getting stuff done. Us Weekly reports that Chyna showed off a new piercing on Snapchat. She got the piercing after filming a segment of her upcoming six-part docuseries with Rob Kardashian.

The model showed off her curves and growing baby belly in a skin-tight, pink, tie-dyed dress and a full head of bright red curls. According to Us Weekly, Chyna decided to get her piercing done at Spilled Ink Tattoo Parlor in Encino, California, and she was being filmed by a camera crew throughout the entire experience. So, expect this scene to find its way into one of the episodes of her show with Rob Kardashian.
As the article in Us Weekly notes, Rob did not go to the tattoo parlor with Chyna, but she was accompanied by a group of friends.

"They got pierced, she got pierced," a source tells Us Weekly. "Just a lot of good times. Everyone was laughing."

Chyna later showcased her new tongue piercing to her adoring fans on Snapchat as she sang along to "All The Things She Said," a hit song from 2002 by t.A.T.u.

After the outing at the tattoo parlor, E! Online reports that Chyna fed her pregnancy cravings at a pizza party. She shared snippets of that on Snapchat as well.

"When your cravings are calling," she said on the Snapchat video. "It's not a game!"