Daisy Ridley Uses Turmeric Facial To Get Her Beautiful Glow

Daisy Ridley has been taking to Instagram to share some of her all-natural beauty and skincare secrets. The Star Wars actress also revealed that she started doing a turmeric facial to help get her Hollywood glow.

There's just one little problem with her beauty regimen. In an Instagram post, Ridley confessed that she used too much turmeric, which left a yellow tint behind on her skin. Ridley shared a clip of herself wearing too much yellow turmeric powder on her face, along with laughing and crying emojis in the caption.

"I scrubbed my face and I am YELLOW! Ahahahaha. Will have to see if I'm a squeaky clean clear skinned goddess in the morning… #wishmeluck #forrealsfloralimsosorryifimstillyellowinthemorning #benmorrisyoutoo."
In the video, Ridley explains what exactly went wrong with her DIY beauty treatment.

"So I'm having a nightmare," she admitted, "Because I googled at-home remedies for skin, and I might have been slightly liberal with the turmeric."

That's a huge problem since Daisy has to film the next installment of the Star Wars movie soon. Most fans found Daisy's adorable clip funny, while others gave her advice on how to remove the yellow tint from her skin. Hopefully, she takes their advice and gets it all washed off. If not, the makeup department will have a lot of work on their hands as they try to cover up the yellow tint.

Check out Daisy Ridley's honest and funny video below.

However, Daisy is not wrong for Googling the beauty treatment. Turmeric is one of the hottest Google search terms of the moment, according to Nutritional Outlook. It's a "rising star" in a list that includes other hot search terms such as apple cider vinegar, arrowroot powder, cauliflower rice, coconut milk, jackfruit, and vegan donuts. Turmeric powder helps rid of a plethora of skincare problems such as breakouts, acne scars, facial hair, cracked skin, pigmentation, dandruff, wrinkles, and sunburn.

Earlier this month, the blossoming star previously took to Instagram to open up about her struggles with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and acne. Ridley, 24, shared a photo of herself smiling brightly in a red T-shirt and clay facial mask. She openly admitted that she has suffered with skin problems for years, as a result of her health conditions.

"At 15 I was diagnosed with endometriosis. One laparoscopy, many consultations and 8 years down the line, pain was back (more mild this time!) and my skin was THE WORST. I've tried everything: products, antibiotics, more products, more antibiotics) and all that did was left my body in a bit of a mess."
Daisy was finally diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries, both of which have wreaked havoc on her skin. She admits that although she hates wearing makeup, she feels that she has no choice because she feels self-conscious without it. But with the help of a dermatologist, Daisy's skin finally cleared up. She also follows a strict diet that does not include dairy and sugar in order to reduce her flare ups.

Ridley concluded her Instagram post with this important message for her fans: "My point is, to any of you who are suffering with anything, go to a doctor; pay for a specialist; get your hormones tested, get allergy testing; keep on top of how your body is feeling and don't worry about sounding like a hypochondriac. From your head to the tips of your toes we only have one body, let us all make sure ours our working in tip top condition, and take help if it's needed."

Check out the rest of Daisy Ridley's empowering and inspiring post below.

The British actress follows in the footsteps of Girls star Lena Dunham and TV personality Padma Lakshmi, who have also been open and honest about their experiences with endometriosis. According to the New York Daily News, this genealogical condition causes tissue, which normally lines the inside of the uterus, to form outside of it. This condition can cause severe pelvic pain and can also cause infertility issues.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]