Disney Alligator: Worker Fights Off Gator At Splash Mountain As Guests Feed Gators [Video]

There's another video going viral, which shows another alligator caught on tape at Disney World getting dangerously close to Disney World patrons. As reported by the Inquisitr, an alligator was caught on video at Disney World as it climbed aboard a raft near Disney World guests as the raft traveled on the Rivers of America. Whereas the shuttle that takes tourists to Tom Sawyer Island might not be as famous as other Disney World attractions, most folks have heard of Disney's Splash Mountain.

As reported by People, the attached video is pretty stunning as it shows a Disney World employee using a prod type of tool to keep an alligator away from Disney World tourists enjoying the Splash Mountain ride. To see children on the Splash Mountain ride and families perhaps unaware, once more, that a dangerous alligator lurks so close by is harrowing indeed, especially in the wake of the drowning death of 2-year-old Lane Graves by an alligator.

The Disney World video was released by Inside Edition, which was obtained from someone who had filmed the footage near Splash Mountain. The viral video was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, June 17. Since that time, the video has swelled to nearly 45,000 views in approximately 24 hours.

According to the video's description, Disney World did not heed foreboding warnings that Disney World guests had been giving food to the alligators, as seen in the viral video. The location in which the guests had been feeding the alligators was close to the spot where Lane was taken by a gator.

"Disney World ignored warnings that guests were feeding alligators at the park and the areas along the lagoon where a 2-year-old was snatched, according to reports. Guests staying at the swanky Bora Bora Bungalows were reportedly known to frequently feed gators in the same lagoon where Lane Graves lost his life. The luxurious private villas at Disney's Polynesian Resort rent for $2,000-a-night. They were built on stilts over the 7 Seas Lagoon."
While it might seem fun and second nature to toss bread or other foodstuff to an alligator in the lagoon and see if he or she takes a big bite, those same folks likely feel guilty for not paying attention to any warnings to not feed the gators. That's if Disney World had any such warnings. After the news about Graves' death broke, it also became apparent that Disney had placed "no swimming" signs along the property but no signs warning Disney World guests about alligators being in the manmade lake.

It isn't known when the incident with the alligator at Splash Mountain occurred. It also isn't the first video or photo that has emerged that proved many Disney World guests had no idea that alligators could be a danger to them.

As seen in the below photo from Facebook user Jennifer Venditti, posted on June 15, her son played right on the same lagoon shores where Graves played at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The photo was taken a short time prior to little Lane being snatched by an alligator.

With the new Splash Mountain video, Disney is once again being exposed as something other than the happiest place on Earth. According to People, alligators are a common sight near Splash Mountain. A source for the publication said that Splash Mountain isn't the only Disney World spot where alligators are common guests.

"There have been several times that we've had to shut down Splash Mountain for a bit because we had to get a gator out of the track. Often, there are gators in the water under the boardwalk walkway between Frontier Land and Tom Sawyer Island. There's no way the alligators can get onto the boardwalk, but some people go as far as to feed them. 'Oh, there's an alligator. Let's give him some of our corndog.'"

[Photo by AP Photo/Jay Reeves]