Josh Duggar's Alleged New Victim Might Stop His Reality Show Dreams [Video]

Josh Duggar is rumored to be planning a "redemption tour" and a return to reality television, but will a possible new victim put an end to his plans before they even get started? Insiders reveal that a new alleged victim has come forward, and the wound of her past is still fresh.

According to Hollywood Life, an unidentified young woman began speaking about her devastating past, which included allegations that Josh Duggar molested her, along with several other victims, including two of his sisters. In the Duggar family's small town of Springdale, Arkansas, "word got around that there was another girl who said she'd been abused by Josh when she was a teenager," following last year's revelations, an insider reported to In Touch magazine.

When the Duggar family heard about the rumors, they got in touch with the young woman's family, since, according to insiders, "[t]he Duggars knew the girl." Jim Bob and Michelle wanted to know whether the alleged victim would try to get money out of the 19 Kids & Counting stars, and "Michelle was terrified when she heard that this girl was talking about what Josh had done."

The young woman claimed that because of the abuse, her life went down a devastating path. She "rebelled" against her family and upbringing, leaving her parent's home as soon as she was of age. Although the girl reportedly believes her claims are true, her family assured the Duggar patriarch that they would handle the problem, and they weren't looking for a pay day.

Josh recently returned to the Duggar family hometown after his extended stay in an Illinois faith-based rehab facility, where he fled following revelations that he had not one, but two accounts with the website Ashley Madison, which encourages cheating spouses.

Ever since, the Duggar clan has tried slowly but surely to reintroduce Josh to their conservative Christian viewers, in hopes that they can continue their reality television empire. While the Duggar family has been repeatedly accused of brushing Josh's incestuous past under the rug, they scored a win when TLC picked up Jill & Jessa: Counting On for a second season.

According to insiders, Josh now wants his own reality show, one that will inspire viewers and show them how far he's come since last year's scandals that caused 19 Kids & Counting to be immediately cancelled. Thanks to the scandals, Josh doesn't have many other opportunities to make money to support his family, and has realized that another TV series "is the only way he's going to be able to make a proper income."

Since returning to Arkansas, Josh has been spotted working as a used car salesman in a business he has with his siblings. Now, "Josh is realizing that his father, Jim Bob, can't keep supporting him financially for the rest of his life," and he reportedly wants a better way to provide for his four children.

After 10 years in front of the camera, Josh believes another reality show would be a natural fit, and Duggar is "hoping this will show everyone he's taken real steps to deal with his problems."

But, could his dreams of having his own reality show be cut short by yet another possible victim? TLC is still reeling from the financial losses associated with losing their biggest draw, the Duggar family, and the network has tried bringing them back in Jill & Jessa: Counting On. While the show has been a ratings hit, it is a PR and advertising nightmare, with many corporate sponsors digging in their heels about being associated with the Duggar clan following the scandals.

It's entirely possible another alleged molestation victim could be the final nail in any reality show following Josh Duggar and his family.

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