Aerobic Exercise, Particularly Walking, Beneficial For Diabetes And Burning Calories

For dieters over 40, and diabetics, managing weight can be difficult. While weight loss is beneficial for helping diabetics and those over 40 to improve their health, dieters can also benefit from aerobic exercise. Walking is an excellent choice for helping to maintain weight and improve health because anyone can do it, and it doesn't require any equipment to get started, just some comfortable clothes.

Bel Marra Health reported that the best aerobic exercise for fighting fat, boosting energy levels, and protecting a person's heart is walking. For those who have type 2 diabetes, interval walking is actually good medicine. Results from a study published in Diabetes Care showed that walking can help those with type 2 diabetes improve their health and reduce healthcare costs.

In the study, participants were encouraged to increase their activity levels. After two years, the participants were evaluated again. Sixty-nine percent of participants showed improved health by increasing their activity while 16 percent showed no improvement. For diabetics, this is good news because this study is consistent with similar studies done on type 2 diabetes.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, type 2 diabetics can actually reverse their diabetes by losing weight. They can keep their diabetes in check by keeping the weight off. Losing weight helped to reduce the amount of fat around the pancreas.

One important point from the study though was that the amount of weight necessary to reverse the diabetes depended on the individual. The study showed promise though because the most important point the researchers wanted to prove was whether or not study participants would remain diabetes-free after the weight loss. The study showed promise because all 30 study participants remained diabetes free.

Although aerobic exercise, particularly walking, was shown to help improve health, but it did nothing for weight loss. For those who want to lose weight, focusing on diet and cutting calories is far more effective than aerobic exercise.

Vogue reported that walking is the best aerobic exercise for improving health. Trainer Harley Pasternek said there is no better aerobic exercise than walking. Pasternek has his clients fit in at least 12,000 to 14,000 steps per day, and it's a workout that doesn't need equipment and it's joint friendly.

This advice comes on the heels of a study done by the National Institute of Health that determined that not only does walking lower stress and reduce heart attack risk, just 20 minutes of walking a day also helps to improve sleep. It can also reduce the chances of getting 13 different types of cancer, and the faster and further a person walks, the more calories that are burned.

Pasternek pointed out that there were lots of ways to integrate walking into a person's day.
"I got rid of my coffee machine at my house, so it forces me to walk to get coffee in the morning. I start my day with 12,000 steps. It's very meditative."
Although walking is the most effective aerobic exercise, it's important to integrate resistance exercises into a person's workout too. Pasternek recommended five sets of stiff leg deadlifts or the same number of sets of reverse lunges. Walking doesn't have to be a race either. It's also important to take as many steps as possible and keep an accurate count. A Fitbit device is accurate, and it will help dieters do that.

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