Kelly Osbourne Insists Parents Sharon And Ozzy Are Still Together, Gets 'Solidarity' Tattoo In Honor Of Orlando Victims

Kelly Osbourne has spoken openly about the state of her parent's marriage in a recent interview with The Insider. Although Sharon Osbourne and Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne had a very public fallout following the revelation of an emotional affair involving Ozzy, Kelly insists that her parents remain together for the time being.

While sharing about the manner the news of the affair came about and impacted the family, Kelly noted that she will always be on good terms with her dad.

"My mom and dad are together right now. I will never not be good with my dad," she said. "That does not mean that I think what he did wasn't f**king stupid, but that's between him and I. I'm a daddy's girl. I love my dad."

The eldest child to the couple also reminded that her family's bond is too strong to let a mistress pull them apart. In May, Sharon made the announcement that she was leaving her rocker husband, who she has been the manager for and married to for 33 years. This all came following allegations of a cheating scandal. However, the ties are clearly strong that bind, seeing as just days following the announcement, Sharon arrived at a press conference to support Ozzy while he prepared for his Ozzfest performances.

Sharon later insisted that her being there was all "business." The daytime talk show personality reminded fans by way of a chat with Entertainment Tonight that she still is very much a part of Ozzy's managerial team.

"It's business. People have forgotten, because they see me every day on the chat show [The Talk], but this is still the other half of my life."
Late last month, Kelly made her dislike for the mistress, who was attempting to tear her family apart, known via Twitter. She garnered mixed responses from the Twitterverse, some stating that she should direct her anger at her father and not at the woman he was involved with.

Sharon spoke up about the actions by her daughter, while on her daytime talk show and defended Kelly, noting that she just loves her parents and wants to protect them. The Mirror UK shares Sharon's words about Kelly's tweets.

"She loves her mum and loves her dad so much and listen, I'm always proud of my girl. What are you going to do? Be angry with her because she loves her mum and dad?"
While sharing about her family's situation in the now, during her interview with The Insider, Kelly also weighed in on the horrific events that transpired at a gay night club in Orlando last weekend, noting her sadness and disbelief at such a hateful act.
"The senseless acts that people are doing to instill fear in us, I will not let happen. If I have to stand up in front of the world and tattoo my head to show that I am not afraid, I will because I need to make sure that other people in this world know that we are not alone. We should not be afraid. We should all be dancing together and celebrating the lives that we've unfortunately lost. They were just out having fun. That was their only crime."
The young star also shared that she got a new tattoo as a tribute to those who lost their lives due to such a "senseless act." The tattoo is on her head and includes the word "solidarity." Osbourne admits it was a move to show support for the victims of the tragedy and their families, while also reminding people to come together on a united front to stop such hateful acts.

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