Balls? Check. Vodka? Check. Make some time for Call of Duty: WaW Map Pack 3

Though not as beloved as its predecessor, Call of Duty: World at War still shifted 11 million copies by June 2009. The technical term for that is A FREAKIN’ LOT, and we all know what such popularity brings: a bundle of post-release support.

The latest of this releases on August 6th – as in, just a few hours from now. Map Pack 3 will be available on both Xbox Live Marketplace and PlaystationStore, and comes with four maps (three regular, one zombie), ten new Achievements, and a pile of zany new weapons that may sound out of place in the traditionally realistic Call of Duty series. At least, I don’t recall Laurence Olivier mentioning ray guns and exploding monkeys in The World at War.

The launch of the add-on also marks the beginning of “One Week of Double-XP,” allowing players to double whatever experience they earn over the next seven days.

We’ve hunted about for an exact time of release, but to no avail: Activision and Treyarch are being no more specific than “August 6th.” The best we can hope for is probably 00:01 PST, by which time this Brit will be tucked up in bed. Booo. Now peer through your sights to enjoy this launch trailer:

[Via Call of Duty HQ]